THE padel world championships they are among the most interesting and followed competitions in the world, so much so that they attract the gaze of millions of passionate players.

If you love this sport, then you really can't miss the tournament where the main nations representing the sport participate.

However, since there are several international tournaments, we will start by talking about the padel World Cup, but then we will also take a look at the WPT and Europeans.

If you want to know the dynamics of these exciting events, then you've definitely come to the right article.

How the Padel World Cup works

padel world championships

The padel World Championships are international competitions that are played between representatives of countries and where, in the end, Argentina or Spain wins.

Seriously (but not too much) aside, each country chooses its own representatives (who are usually the best-ranked players) and sends them as tournament representatives.

This obviously happens for both men and women, in a single tournament that is played simultaneously.

To the final stages there go i 16 best states, chosen by the preliminary rounds and by the seeds (the winners of the past editions).

The 16 teams come divided into groups of 4 teams each, where everyone competes and only the best 2 pass.

These then go on to play the direct clashes up to the final while those eliminated will still play against the other excluded players to determine the ranking.

As mentioned, the men's and women's tournaments do not take place at different times, but all together in the same period.

At the end of the tournament the champion state is crowned, which has always (until today) been a country between Argentina or Spain.

Whoever didn't come first came second, apart from two fleeting appearances of the Brazil in the second male square and one in the female one.

Italy how is all this going? Not too bad considering the still low diffusion of this game, with a fantastic bronze and an excellent fifth place conquered in the women's respectively in 2021 and 2014.

Considering how much padel is starting to catch on, it's not hard to expect a rise of our champions in the near future.

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How the World Padel Tour works


Now that we've seen the padel Worlds, let's take a look at how the World Padel Tour.

Well, if you are somewhat familiar with tennis, one could say that the similarities are quite obvious.

In fact, here the pairs of players compete against each other in a tournament that can be held in different ways.

Indeed, although the events are between 18 and 26, this does not mean that they are all identical.

There are 6 different tournament types, which change in the elimination format or in the selection of players, which will be more or less depending on the importance of the same (more important, fewer players).

The modes are:

  • Exhibition
  • FIP Tournament
  • challengers
  • open
  • master's degree
  • Master Final

The Master Final is the most exclusive one, where only the 16 male and 12 female couples who are at the top of the ranking are invited.

Such leaderboard works that, the further you go in the tournament, the higher the score you are awarded.

In short, if you go out in the first round you get zero (for example) if you win the final you get 100 points and there are all the other possibilities in between.

The points are added up and, from tournament to tournament, the ranking is updated with what was done compared to the previous year.

If the player left immediately the year before and scored 20 while the one after 40, the ranking will be updated with 20 more points.

The same dynamics also for women's tournaments, which are always part of the World Padel Tour and maintain its format.

For the rest, it should be noted that Italy also welcomes an event of World Padel Tour in the city of Rome.

From 2021 it is therefore possible to go and see your favorite stars of this sport, a truly unmissable opportunity.

How the Padel European Championships work

what is the padel

The difference between the padel World Championships and the Europeans is all in the name which already explains what it is about.

Europeans are at European level, therefore countries such as Argentina or Brazil (big players in the world championships) will not be admitted.

Obviously, given that the biggest representatives of the sport (apart from Spain) are found in Latin America, this is a decidedly minor competition.

It certainly has its value and also allows some emerging nations (like Italy) to show off, so it's worth following!

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Now you know everything you need to know about the padel World Cup, the Europeans and the World Padel Tour.

These events are a wonderful sporting celebration for an emerging reality that aims to be a protagonist in the near future.

Following them, for an enthusiast, can also be a source of pride for already being a spectator of what promises to be a mass event in a few years time.