Where to buy padel rackets? A question that all fans of this sport have asked themselves when deciding where to look for the next shovel.

The fact is that, nowadays, there are so many solutions that it is really impossible to choose one and only one, as we find ourselves in a sea of opportunities.

In this article we will certainly not choose where to go for you, but we will give you a range of opportunities from which you can take inspiration.

Physical, online, private shops, padel masters or whatever, let's go and see where you can buy a good padel racket at the right price.

Where to buy padel rackets

The best retailers for you, doesn't mean they're the best for the next reader, so we'll try to cover all possible options.

Online stores

where to buy padel rackets

Let's start immediately from the most widespread solution, which has some incredible advantages but also some negative aspects which is often not considered.

In online stores it is possible to make a couple of clicks and receive everything at home in a couple of days, without even having to get up from the sofa.

This added to the fact that, very often, the prices of online items are lower than those found in physical storeswhatever they are.

On the other hand though the customer has no possibility to try on the goods, to touch it with your hand and feel if it actually feels like an extension of your arm or a foreign object.

In padel comfort and symbiosis with the tool is very important, otherwise playing very long matches can turn into a nightmare rather than a pleasure.

To this must then be added the lack of human touch, the clerk who helps in the choice with valuable advice and the possibility of establishing an interpersonal relationship.

Of course, some people don't give a damn about this, but others absolutely cannot do without this feeling of warmth.

Whatever your preference, if you're curious you can take a look at Amazon (here our article with the best rackets on this site), eBay or on the sites of major brands such as Head, Babolat or many others.

Then there are much smaller and niche sites that allow you to create personalized rackets (here the article), which give life to authentic works of art.

In the big chains

cisalfa rackets

If you are not willing to use the large online stores, you may find interesting a large chain of wholesale stores that are dominating lately.

A place like Decathlon he definitely has a padel racket in his supplieswhich may or may not work for you.

Usually the beauty of these shops is that you really can find everything from a soccer ball to a kayak with everything in between.

Here are usually quite competent salesmen who can help the inexperienced buyerBut that doesn't mean all that glitters is gold.

Surely the products that are sold here are generalist, with some valuable pieces but still suitable for a mass audience.

In short, it is difficult to find the perfect racket but rather a discreet adaptation to personal needs, which will remain partially unsatisfied.

Furthermore, if we are talking about Decathlon specifically, theirs very first prices are little more than toys and not suitable for those who want to practice padel seriously.

Last, but not least, the fact that a large multinational chain is being targeted, impoverishing local trade.

If you want to buy padel rackets here, then I leave you our article where we collect the best models from Decathlon.

If you are interested in Cisalfa here we have the best rackets sold by this shop.

Small local shops

where to buy padel rackets

Small local shops are having a hard time with big chains and online shops, due to the price difference.

A small shop has big expenses to pay after a very small number of sales (when compared with a wholesaler), so he must necessarily earn a little more.

This sometimes results in grotesquely high and almost ridiculous prices, with models that are not even produced anymore and are passed off at face value.

Other times, however, slightly higher prices but which are fully justified by the quality of the service and the wide choice available.

Here it is generally easier to find a perfect padel racket, where you can buy it with your eyes closed and without hesitation.

Obviously we at Racchettiamo cannot know what kind of shop is near your home, so you will have to test it yourself.

In any case, in addition to a generally better service, here you can be satisfied that you have contributed to the economic well-being of your area, rather than giving money to those who certainly don't need it.

At this link instead, you will find the best padel rackets ever!

In case you are looking for one Economical padel racket, I leave you our article on the matter.



So where to buy padel rackets? Well, the final answer is yours alone, we certainly cannot have it for you but, we are sure, that this article has been useful for you.

Which road do you prefer? Buying directly from the sofa in your home or going personally to the small trader who will help you decide?

Our editorial team is very conflicted on the subject, with very different opinions, so we avail ourselves of the option not to answer :)