What game is padel? A question with an easy answer for those who know him but, for all the others, it could generate much more than a doubt.

padel is a fast growing sport that is taking the world by storm. Known as a more dynamic and accessible version of tennis, padel has simple rules that make it a fun game for everyone.

padel is played in a closed and limited court, and the matches are much faster and more intense than in tennis. In this article, we'll explore all aspects of padel, from its rules to its origins, and find out why it's becoming more and more popular.

Padel sport: how to play?


The padel is one team sport played on a playing field enclosed by glass and mesh walls.

The origins of padel date back to the 1960s in Mexico, but it was in Spain that this sport experienced its real boom, becoming one of the most played games in this country.

This sport is a game similar to tennis and squash, where players must hit a ball so that it bounces off the walls and floor before their opponent can hit it.

How many people play padel? There are two players from each team and the game is played on a 20×10 meter field. The serve must be made from the service area located at one end of the court, and the ball must first hit the floor and then, where appropriate, the glass of the opponent's court.

Each time the ball double bounces on the floor or the opposing player fouls, you score a point. The match is played over three sets with a score of 6 games each.

padel is a fun and accessible sport that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. Besides being an activity that doesn't have great barriers to entry, it's also a great way to keep fit and improve your health. With its social environment and unique style, it's a sport definitely worth trying.

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Padel rackets

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The padel rackets they are very different from tennis ones and are designed specifically for this game.

The unique design has a variable shape (roundabout, drop or diamond) shorter and wider than a traditional tennis racket, with a larger hitting surface and a shorter handle. This design allows for a greater surface area for hitting the ball and a firmer grip on the handle.

Also, padel rackets are usually heavier than tennis shoes, with a weight ranging from 350 to 400 grams. This higher weight offers a more control and power during the game, making the racket better suited for a more physical game.

In addition, padel rackets are also stiffer than tennis shoes, which means that the ball is thrown with greater speed and power. However, this increased stiffness can make the racket more difficult to use for beginners just learning to play padel.

In summary, padel rackets are designed to deliver one padel's unique combination of power, control and playing comfort. If you are interested in this exciting sport, consider purchasing a padel racket to enhance your playing experience.

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Padel Game

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Padel is a sport that requires a less physical effort than tennis, making it more accessible even to those who are not very fit.

The playing field is smaller and it is played in pairs against another pair, so there is a major interaction and collaboration between players. In addition, the padel offers innovative and fun dynamics, such as the possibility of making cushions on the walls of the court, which are not present in tennis.

The padel is gaining ground both in Italy and in the world, because it represents a fresh air in sport. The padel is not only fun and accessible, but also a great way to stay fit and improve your health.

padel is a unique experience that combines the dynamics of tennis with elements of other sports such as beach tennis, padel and tennis. The padel is attracting more and more enthusiasts, both for its fun nature and for its advantages. If you are looking for a new sport that offers challenges, fun and physical well-being, padel is definitely a choice worth considering.


In conclusion, padel is a sport that is attracting more and more fans all over the world. With its more accessible and less demanding format than tennis, it is an ideal option for those who want to enjoy a fun but not too intensive physical activity (it depends on you too).

The possibility of using the walls to make the bank makes padel unique and innovative compared to other sports.

Plus, its 2v2 team format increases socialization and collaboration between players. If you are looking for a new sport that is fun and accessible, the padel could be an option to consider.