You are looking for the best used padel rackets but you don't have the slightest idea where to go fishing to meet them, right?

Don't worry, this is a market that is only just starting to develop so it may still be a while before they become readily available.

In this article, however, we want to create the perfect guide for those looking for the best used padel rackets, giving you tips on how to find them and what to look for.

Buying something passed through the hands of others is always a big risk, especially in a sport like padel where the tools always end up taking even very hard hits.

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Used Padel Rackets: Buying Guide

If you are looking for your used padel shovel then it's really imperative that you take a look at these buying tips.

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Double check for structural integrity

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As you may know, around the padel court there are windows where the ball bounces and the player often ends up hitting it.

That's because it really is inevitable sometimes end up bumping into them, since one launches into desperate recoveries losing sight of the boundaries of the field.

Players know this well but, for those who have yet to try, it may not be as clear so you better know it.

Just like the players bump their noses at us, even the shovels end up taking a good beating, which often ends up compromising them.

When you go to buy the next racket from an unknown guy, double check that it is perfectly intact under every aspect.

Check that the rigid parts are such because, if any unnatural push-upscould be a sign of bad repairs or that the tubular tire is gone.

In this case you may end up with the handle or head broken off at the next impact, even if the force of the impact is minimal.

Some people try to resell broken tools by just repairing them so that you don't see the crack, so be careful!

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Watch out for the price!


padel rackets have gods too similar names among them, so much so that sometimes it is hard to distinguish one from the other at first sight.

While this isn't a problem for someone buying new ones, a novice could be duped into one racket from lower tier appearing as upper.

Also the year of construction can present a rip-off, since very often the drawing is not updated from version to version except for a few details.

Check the name, try to understand the year well by taking pictures and comparing them on the internet (or better yet asking an expert) because it can really happen to be misled.

Never too old

Used padel rackets

Used padel rackets are subject to the classic value decay like any other object, this is because technology advances.

A racket from 5 years ago, even if it was a real bomb at the time, today it is certainly not comparable to a Adidas Metalbone but not even a €200 one.

Also, being that they have rubber inside them that yes dries out over time and with heat, slowly lose elasticity in the blows.

A shovel made for checking 10 years ago probably is now hard as a stone and it feels like using a wooden plank to strike.

So used yes, but try not to overdo it otherwise you'll end up buying the garbage that the other padelista wanted to haul away.

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The best sites for used padel rackets

Let's see now i sites for used padel rackets, trying to understand where they can be bought at the best possible price and with the necessary guarantees.



Amazon not only sells new stuff but also has used products in the catalogue, just select Used in the search column to the left.

This must then be added Amazon Warehouse, the e-commerce section where products that have been used in some way by shops are sold, even if very minimally.

Here you can find excellent more or less guaranteed offers (Warehouse is Amazon but the other used ones are from third-party sellers), which is good for the buyer's wallet.

If you are looking for the best Babolat rackets find them here. is the site par excellence in Italy where you can buy used items of all types, with the possibility of having a guaranteed purchase from the platform.

Attention, guaranteed means that Subito undertakes to act as intermediary thus avoiding scams, not sure that there is any kind of guarantee on the goodness of the goods.

However, this is a normal thing, as certainty can only be found on new products, so one shouldn't be surprised too much.

Ultimately, Subito is an excellent site where you can find used padel blades at low prices, but be careful what you buy!

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eBay is one of the most famous sites in the world for the purchase of new and used products, even if it has long since given way to Amazon.

Here you can also find everything, but the number of products in poor condition rises compared to other online shops.

Also here you find yourself interfacing with people from all over the world, any customs fees and other issues related to internationality, which can become a problem.

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Facebook market

used padel rackets

Did you know that Facebook has a section dedicated to sale of products and which shows what is in your vicinity?

Probably yes, but if not, you can now experiment with this feature by going to find rackets from padel near you and attempt the purchase in person.

This will allow you to try the goods directly before spending the money, guaranteeing you a safe purchase without surprises.

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Now you know what to look for and where to look for it when you're tearing yourself into your next shopping spree used padel racketsHowever, please follow our advice carefully.

Finding yourself with a product that breaks at the first strokes, which has lost its elasticity or is completely outdated by younger rackets, does not please anyone.

Without considering that a bad experience during the purchase could seriously affect your future desire to gamble and immerse yourself in this fantastic sport!