I guess if you've come across this article, you have big doubts about existing padel racket types.

Don't worry, today we're going to look specifically at tall the different variations you can come across while exploring a shop.

We will find out together which are for beginners and which are for more experienced users.

If you are ready, then let's not delay and let's go to the discovery.

padel round racket

Types of Padel Rackets According to the Shape

Let's start immediately by saying that form is the first and most important difference we find among the different types of padel rackets.

To date, the existing models can be: drop, diamond or round.

Round padel rackets

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The padel round rackets they are generally associated with beginners, given the characteristics.

A racket of this shape in fact tends to be particularly manageable and docile during the game phases.

The weight is all shifted towards the handle, facilitating the management during the most agitated phases and limiting the power of the outgoing shot.

This, on the other hand, implies that it will be much more difficult to maintain an aggressive style of play on the field, given the limited strength in the shots.

Not all evil comes to harm, however, because thanks to this type of padel rackets you can take on a style of game much more technical and reasoned.

Although associated with beginners, these blades are also used by numerous established champions.

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padel teardrop rackets

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The padel teardrop rackets they are the best-selling ever for a number of very valid reasons.

Let's start from the shape, however, which tends to take on the appearance of a drop of water, with the sides flattened with respect to the round one.

This implies that the weight is equally distributed between the high and low areas, giving rise to a very balanced tool.

It all leads to one good handling and an equally valid force in the blows inflicted, without, however, an imbalance between these factors.

It can be considered as the link between the two extremes, the round and the diamond one.

These types of padel rackets make versatility their strength, adapting to all styles of play.

The downsides are obviously encapsulated in being great in everything but without real excellence, which marries them beautifully with novice and semi-pro users.

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padel diamond rackets

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The padel diamond rackets are the antithesis of the round ones, with diametrically opposed strengths and weaknesses.

The shape is more angular, with the head enlarged compared to the other models.

This leads to a weight more concentrated in the upper part, which gives it strength but deprives it of handling.

Those who use these racquets will be able to inflict deadly blows, but it will be easy to lose control and give points to the opponent.

For this reason I am recommended for experienced users, who know how to tame the ball.

If the other models partially "forgive" the exuberance of the novices, this one specifically does not leave much room for maneuver.

Making a mistake in strength or lacking in technique involves sending the ball to the bottom glass, so it is better to buy it only if you are familiar with the padel.

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Types of Padel Rackets According to Size

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Secondly, to distinguish the various types of padel rackets, we must take into account their size.

On the market we can find shovels: oversize, classic and midsize.

Classic rackets

The classic rackets are the smallest ones available on the market and also the most manageable.

Their small size makes them light and easy to manage, but also rather "punitive" in the game phase.

It is not difficult to understand that the smaller the racket is, the lower the chance of recovery.

Midsize rackets

As the name implies, these are there mid-range in terms of padel racket size.

They are the right compromise between power and handling and, the greater surface, allows a better response in recovery.

They are the easiest to find on the market and also the best-selling, which proves their goodness.

Oversized rackets

The rackets preferred by beginners looking for an ally, but also the less manageable.

The generous surface makes it easier to hit the ball cleanly, but compromises weight distribution.

Another consequence is particularly high power, which will please aggressive players.

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Types of Padel Rackets According to the Material

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Here there are really many different solutions ranging from fiberglass to carbon, but they are not the ones that interest us.

The external structure, while important, has less influence on the game than the internal material.

The core of the racquet can be made of foam or rubber.

The Foam Foam it is a material which offers a better sensitivity in the hit, but also a lower power.

Generally used for lower quality racquets due to its cheapness, it tends to deteriorate sooner with use.

There EVA rubber instead it is a higher level material, able to generate much more force in the blows and better absorb vibrations.

Quality rackets generally have the soul of this material.

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Now you know what all types of padel rackets are, you just have to do is choose the one that suits you.

If you are a beginner, maybe an oversize round shovel it might be perfect for your needs.

If instead aspire to the best, a drop or diamond they will certainly give you what you are looking for.

I hope this article has been useful for you to dispel any doubts about the types of padel rackets.

Share it with your friends and let them know what the market has to offer.