You are desperate for some padel cheats that instantly allow you to improve yourself and win a few games?

Then you've come to the right place because we have here for you a bag of useful tips that will allow you to score a few more points.

We can't take you by the hand and lead you to victory (in the end it's you who takes the field), but you will find these indications useful in more than one case.

Enough with the pleasantries, let's take the racket and get ready to take the field to beat any opponent!

Wait for the error

reverse padel

One of the most frequent things in a padel beginner is the big one exuberance with the desire to score the stunning point like a true champion.

Ok, it can actually happen, but 9 times out of 10 instead of doing it you will end up giving it to your opponent by missing the shot and fouling it.

So if your goal is to win, then put these ideas aside at least for the first few months and focus on a more solid performance.

You don't need to be big smash, you don't need to make the cut spin strike to beat the person in front of you (if they're on the same level as you), you just need to have a solid game.

If you don't miss and keep hitting the ball back, then chances are your opponent will try to force ending up giving you the point.

Yes, it may not be the most fun world to play padel, but you came here looking for tricks to win, so sometimes you have to make a sacrifice.

Play in the corners

navarro padel

Perhaps obvious and discounted as advice but, for a beginner, the hardest thing to do is to return a ball that has landed on the glass.

Actually too several players who can be defined as intermediate still find it very difficult to calculate where the ball will go after the rebound.

This causes the return, when it occurs, to be usually lopsided because the player was either out of position or had to bobble a random shot to send it back to you.

This will get you a point or at least put you in the easy position of having a shot with open field, so insist on this.

Of course the thing that works for you, could also work against you, so try to train yourself to catch these rebounds.

If you don't have a master of padel, you can also go just you and your friends to have sessions where you work on certain strokes.

Two shots that give you this are the It vibrates and the Bandeja, which we have talked about in these articles.

Observe your opponent

galan padel

One thing that is done too infrequently, especially during the first few games of padel, is to observe who is in front of us.

There are opponents who answer to quick jokes with equally fast and difficult to control balls, but they get into trouble if the ball is slower.

There are others who are rebounders and you can never beat them, but they can't put up a decent backhand.

Others who can't make a smash, hold position, go to the net or who knows what other deficits they might present.

If you look at his play, probably you will discover at least 3/4 weaknesses to attach easily, bringing you home nice points.

Of course, you too must have the technical skills to be able to attack those in front of you, but you don't need champion blows to get results.

Maybe you won't score 10 out of 10, maybe you'll score 5 but it will be enough to give you a great long-distance advantage, so look closely!

Find the right racket for you


Stupid trading tip or real game changer for tons of players? You have to decide this by trying it on your skin.

What we can tell you is that every racket has its strengths and weaknesses, with the ability to accommodate one or the other style of play.

There are the rigid ones that don't forgive anything, the very soft ones but a little weak, the 20 euro ones that aren't even good for baking pizza... In short, the market is large.

If you go without a hit buying the first racket that passes your hand, you will never have a reference whether you like it or not.

By trying different ones, you may find one that fits your playstyle perfectly and, yes, your weaknesses too.

For this reason try those of your friends or those that can be rented at the camps, so you can get the hang of it and figure out what you want.

If you want to know how to choose a padel racket, the best for beginners, intermediate or le best ever, you can read our articles.


These are all the padel tricks that we feel like giving to beginners who want to jump into this fascinating world.

Of course, no advice can ever replace a few hours of lessons with a teacher, so consider investing some change in some practice.

That said, if you use our word you could become one of the most competitive beginners in your group of friends, so go ahead and get busy!