Today we will deal with the padel technique, an aspect that should be dealt with on the ground but, at least for now, we will limit ourselves to words.

In padel there are some useful tips that, at least for beginners, can really help make a difference against your opponent.

Obviously they do not automatically allow you to win all the games (but in this case they would make this sport boring), but they are useful in many situations.

We would like to clarify, however, that, if you are an expert, these tips may prove to be of little use for you, as your technique has already largely surpassed them.


Padel tactics

padel technique

When you are a beginner, you will most likely find yourself against it opponents of the same level as you, all of whom have little experience like you.

Well in these cases, the trend is that of look for the bang pro to close the point as quickly as possible and "doing the cool".

This in 80 / 90% of cases turns into a foul and a point given to the opponent, since the beginner cannot manage volley complicated or just a simple smash.

Since your opponent most likely has the same intentions as you, wait patiently and let him make the mistake!

You postpone the ball in the opponent's field without overdoing it, do not seek the heroic gesture, be a solid opponent and use his mistakes to your advantage.

If you do it right and your opponent he will give in to the desire for the blow of glory, in addition to winning you will also have learned to better manage the ball.


Smash Padel

padel female

The smash in padel is one of those often decisive hits, capable of closing a point if done in the right way, but also useless if the technique is lacking.

The padel is not the tennis, where a smash is a point in the 90% of cases, as here is a bottom glass on which the ball bounces and becomes catchable.

A central smash brings the ball back to perfect position for an easy and effective response, as it bounces off the glass and loses strength.

Smashes are made in the cornerstrying to catch the opponent out of position and trying to keep the ball as close to the ground as possible.

Making a smash that goes very high in the sky and medium deep, unless it comes out beyond the glass bottom will hardly give you a point.

So try to Smash only when you are sure you can put your opponent in troubleotherwise you will be at a disadvantage.


Padel service

padel service

The service in the padel it's a hit that very rarely gives a point to those who do it, since the field is small and there are glasses.

However, when you are among beginners, it is not so impossible that this happens, as the positioning is wrong or the technique to respond is lacking.

As the rules of the joke they prevent you from giving birth to particularly powerful blows, you will then have to play on their destination.

To annoy your opponent a lot, try to send them to the side window after the first bounce.

So the opponent will have to manage a rebound (which beginners hardly know how to do best) or go and get it before it touches the glass, with the wall acting as a nuisance.

Another "trick" is to play it as short as possible, to receive a slow blow as a response and have a greater chance of taking command of the game.

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Padel shot


When you are in the middle of the game, it is difficult to find a sure shot that allows you to close the point (if you are a beginner).

Pushing on the accelerator leads to greater exposure to risk, but remaining too passive does not allow to put the opponent in difficulty.

Since power is the hardest part to manage, try to go more in the direction of precision (although not easy).

We are not referring to crazy hits, but only the find the right spots on the court to create difficult rebounds for the opponent.

An example? The network that is in the first half of the field, which generates unpredictable rebounds and more difficult to manage for those with poor technique in padel.

Try to close the shots to the maximum and send them to this lateral zone (after the rebound), as it offers a greater chance to score or force the opponent to recover.

Obviously this is subjective, some people do better with the smash or the palombella shot but, if that's your thing, then try it!

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Now you know which technique to use in your padel beginner games. Obviously these are simple tips but, if used to the fullest, they will get you a lot of points.

Unfortunately, for other more "advanced" advice, you need to be in the presence, know your specific qualities and work on these aspects, but there are many instructors who can teach you.

We just wish you a lot of fun and we hope that, thanks to our help, you managed to get some more wins.