There padel racket drop it is among the most used by the players of this sport.

In this article we will go to see the pros and cons of this type, trying to clear up some doubts.

I still want to anticipate that these are shovels for intermediate players so, in case you are a pro or a beginner, you may be better off with diamond rackets or round.

In any case, if you don't have a clear idea, this is the article for you.


The Advantages of a Drop Padel Racket

Let's start immediately by saying that this is the most balanced type of racquet you can find on the market.

Its conception is based on having balance at the center point, which allows for numerous compromises.

The first is to have a good level of handling in any situation.

This is because it is the balance that makes the difference.

A racquet with the weight shifted towards the tip will be able to land much stronger hits but will also be less manageable.

Imagine holding a shaft with the weight in your hand, it wouldn't be easy to control it, would it?

padel drop racket

If the weight were instead placed in the handle, you would end up with a shovel that is really easy to handle but with which you would not be able to make much strength.

For this reason, the center of gravity in the middle is halfway between these two extremes, ensuring balance.

The second big advantage is (usually) in the sweet spot, which is located in the center with generous dimensions.

This particular area helps to better manage the blows, also correcting some smudges.

Very impetuous players certainly benefit from this peculiarity, since it increases the margins of error in the dosage of the force of the blow.

The Defects of the Drop Padel Racket

The flaws of this racket are all related to its strengths.

I know it may sound strange, but we are faced with the classic situation in which there is a good general level but no prominent factor.

The padel teardrop racquet does not excel in handling or hit strength, which may not be to everyone's liking.



For this reason it is so loved by average users, because it provides the necessary balance they are looking for.

This is not to say that it is of poor quality, at all.

This shovel is probably the most suitable for most players, as it is proven by sales.

If you are in doubt which one to buy, you can rest assured that with this type you will not go wrong.

Other variables to evaluate ...

If you are looking for your new padel racket, the fact that it is teardrop or diamond is not the only factor to consider.

First you must be clear about the difference between the materials that make it up.

A shovel is generally made of fiberglass or carbon, with the first offering a better response to blows while the second greater resistance of the structure.

padel drop rackets

The composition of the central core must then be considered, which can be made up of FOAM or EVA.

The FOAM is a cheaper but also a lower quality material.

The advantages lie in the fact that it offers better absorption of vibrations and a more reactive ball output, but at the expense of control and precision.

From the point of view of durability it must be said that, in the long run, a FOAM racquet will deteriorate sooner.

L'EVA is a rubber that offers great quality and increases the value of the racquet, but also the price.

Its power is much greater than expanded polyethylene, while worsening the ball output on slow shots.

Thanks to its high quality, however, an EVA shovel will keep its goodness for a long time.


The last characteristic, but also the most important to evaluate, is the weight.

A racket that is too light or too heavy could cause, in the long run, even serious injuries to the shoulder or arm, how epicondylitis.

For this reason we must always be careful about what we buy, choosing the best product for us and not just the one that is convenient.

An expense of a few euros higher could save us from future unwanted visits to the doctor, so better evaluate carefully.

The Best Drop Padel Rackets

Let's see together some of the best options available on the market trying to find the ideal solution for each level of play.

If you are looking for the best rackets absolutely, this article has what you need.

Obviously there are dozens of brands and products like Head, Babolat, Adidas and many more.

If you want to discover a few more options, you can take a look at the articles linked above.



Head Flash padel drop racket

The Head Flash is one of the first prices they offer great quality and reliability.

Its core is in FOAM and the frame in reinforced carbon, thus guaranteeing truly remarkable performance in every situation.

Its wide sweet spot forgives the most gross errors and the excellent materials guarantee a truly remarkable ball output.

Here you can find the full review of the Head Flash.

Head Flash iced, Flash Iced Grey...
  • With Flash, great for casual players just starting out in a club, ...
  • Technology: Innegra
  • Weight: 360 g



padel drop racket StarVie Dronos Galaxy

This padel racquet strikes you immediately exceptional quality / price ratio, able to make you fall in love at first sight.

Its great power does not sacrifice precision at all, which, on the contrary, is just as remarkable.

The rough surface is also of great help, thanks to which it is possible to give remarkable effects to the ball.

StarVie - Dronos Galaxy, Racket ...
  • In the shape of a drop.
  • Carbon and aluminum.
  • Power-control.


Wilson Bela Elite padel drop racket

This model is for all those who always want the best and accept no compromises.

Its shape is a classic drop, capable of restoring a truly unattainable elasticity of play.

Its surface, the design that covers it and all the materials used are rated for maximum performance and will satisfy any user.

If you are looking for the Wilson Bela's review, you can find them here.

WILSON - Bela padel racket ...
  • Brand: Wilson
  • WILSON - Bela Elite paddle racket, colour: Red



Now you know all strengths and weaknesses of a padel drop racket, you are ready to decide for yourself if it is right for you.

In any case, being one of the most balanced and multipurpose models on the market, it is very likely that by buying it you are making the right choice.

Always try to look at the quality of the product, going to buy something valid that will last you over time.

I hope this article has been able to best explain the advantages and disadvantages of one padel teardrop racket.

Share this information with your friends padel enthusiasts, they too will want to know what you have just learned.