Augustine Tap padel, a very well-known name on the pro circuit as he is one of the strongest players currently on the field.

As you can easily guess from the name, he comes from a part of the world where Spanish is spoken, which is where (almost) all champions are born.

But who is this guy who is making it on the pro circuit? Why is it so strong and where can it get?

These and other questions will be answered in our article, so sit back and get ready for a good read.

Who is Augustine Tapia

tapia padel

Let's start with some personal data, which help to give a dimension of how surprising this individual is.

Tapia was born in an Argentine city named San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca on July 24, 1999!

Thing? So he's just 23 years old? Yes, and already from here it is clear why it is a name that can arouse great noise around him.

His career as a youngster is similar to that of all the other budding champions, that is studded with great results that make him grow quickly.

So fast that lands on the professional circuit as early as 2018, at the age of just 19, in the company of Marcelo Jardim.

The first year is remarkable but not spectacular, with a quarterfinal reached in the catalonia masters.

However, this is enough to attract the eyes of some great champions around and upon himself, including Fernando Belasteguin.

The following year, with Belasteguin they form a duo capable of winning a title already the same year.

With a cup won on the professional circuit at the age of just 20 and one of the greatest champions as a companion (as well as an excellent technique), the road can only be downhill.

The following year two more successes arrive, but the couple decides to break up at the end of that year, which was completely unexpected.

However, continuing in the wake of playing with the greatest, switch to have as a companion Pablo Lima, winning two tournaments and parting ways before the end of the year.

How could things get even better for this boy? Ending up having like new mate Sanyo Gutierrez.

The two won their first tournament together the same year, then repeating in 2022.

In short, this young phenomenon, in addition to having extraordinary talents, at the age of just 23 has already won numerous titles and played in tandem with the greatest padel champions. Quite a resume.

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Augustin Tapia Racquet

tapia padel

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Augustin Tapia is one of the best padel players on the pro circuit today, but there may be more to discover.

Thanks to his very young age, he still has room to improve and reach levels that, nowadays, we can't even imagine.

The mere fact that some of the greatest champions in history have chosen him as a teammate shows that there is something truly special about him.