Although many people are starting to find out what this game actually is, far fewer know how the padel score.

In fact, especially for those fasting racquet sports, the mechanics with which points are awarded can appear rather strange.

In reality the logic is there, and it is also quite simple, but you need someone to explain it in order to be digested.

The Racchettiamo team is here for this, to clear away all your doubts about how scoring works in padel. Let's find out together.

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Padel points

padel score

The system for assigning points in padel is identical to that of the tennis, or where the pairs start from zero, the first point counts 15, the according to others 15 (arriving at 30), the third 10 (reaching 40) and then assign the game.

The game would be a batting turn, in fact until it is assigned the same player will always be needed.

However, if both pairs reach 40, you go to the advantages, where the first point counts advantage and the second game.

If a couple scores the first point going ahead but the opponents score the second, it goes back to 40 all and repeats.

To win the game, one of the two must first take the lead and then take a second point to close.

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How Many Games in a Padel Set?

padel score

Well in a set of padel the score foresees that 6 games are won to close the set.

Also here, the winners must have a two-point advantage over the opponent, that is, it can finish 6-4 but not 6-5.

If you get to 6 all, the tie-break takes place. How does the tie-break at padel work? It takes place with an additional mini set where you get to 7 and each point counts as 1.

The serving time changes every 2 services and, even here, the team must have two points ahead of the opponent to win.

If you arrive on 7 all, you go on indefinitely until one of the two realizes a double advantage.

The sets are 3 in all, which can have very different duration and scores. For example one can finish 6-0 and the other 7-5.

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When does a Padel Match end?

padel single

A padel match ends best of 3 sets, or when one of the two teams wins 2.

This means that, to decree a winner, at least 2 sets and a maximum of 3 must be played.

Even for the single padel, although it is not recognized by the federation, the scoring works in exactly the same way.


You now have all the knowledge you need to go play padel with your friends and teach them how scoring works.

It might seem a little complex but once you get it fixed on your head it becomes natural.

It may not be as linear as that of football but, in a sport where many more points are scored and there are more complex dynamics, it is absolutely necessary.