Have you ever heard of Sane Padel? It is an Argentine brand that began production way back in 1989.

From that point forward it has expanded a lot, arriving to have branches in Spain and Pakistan and reaching a fairly large audience.

We're not talking about the numbers of Babolat or Bullpadel, this is a more "family" company, but still big enough to keep its place in the market.

If you want to know what it produces and what are the best deals that can be done with this brand, then let's see what's cooking.

Healthy Padel Rackets

healthy padel

Of course, let's start with padel rackets Healthy, which are the focal point around which players tend to (rightly) gather.

Well, although this is not a particularly large company, we are pleased to note that it has one wide range of products.

These vary from more beginner-friendly models, all the way up to pro-level ones, with costs that go hand in hand.

Let's start by making some considerations on the first prices, which are more expensive than models like the Head Flash or others rackets under 100 euros.

Here the price is right on that threshold which we consider to be the transition from a "model for beginners" to a "model for intermediates".

Of course it is not always a precise value, but it helps to create a mental line that separates the two product categories.

There Rissing 2.1 It's a great shovel to start with, but not the ones that last you the first year and then have to be changed due to technical limitations.

Here we are talking about a model that has quality, with a completely carbon structure and a rough surface suitable for technical play.

Our opinion is that it can accompany the player for the first few years, even more if you don't have the ambition of a very technical racket.

Going up a little level we find the racket Footprint, which has several variants which however do not change the substance (if we exclude the very first price).

Sane - Rissing Legend Racket...
  • Impronta Legend 2021 padel racket
  • Shape: diamond
  • Year: 2021

Also here, pleasantly surprised by the quality and 3K carbon of the face, even if we don't understand the extra 30 euros for the models with some colored whiskers (basically a price increase for the 20%).

Then there are some superior versions of the Rissing, but we would move on to talking about the top of the range, or rather the model assassin.

If the entry level and medium range are the ones that make the sales numbers, the top ones are able to make the brand famous.

These, thanks to their technology and the fact that they will probably be played by some professional player, focus attention.

How are the top of the range Sane Padel? Excellent, absolutely of the highest level in materials and feeling, but we can't help but notice that something is missing.

Thing? That “WOW” Factor that manages to be talked about. We are not in front of an Adidas Metalbone or at Babolat Viper series.

Here the feeling is that there is a lack of that pinch of pepper that makes these rackets go from "they are excellent rackets" to "myoh, did you see that bomb that shovel?".

Added to this is the fact that, although partnerships have been signed with important players such as Tapia or Paquito Navarro, today these players are holding other rackets.

In short, good but without anything that makes them stand out in that crowded market that is the modern one.

Going to the court with a 300 euro Sane Padel racket will impress no one except a few connoisseurs.

It may sound silly as a consideration but, on balance, even in this sport it is full of shoppers who want to cause a stir with their purchases and feel that they have something special. This factor matters, even if not in technical terms.

If you are looking for the best padel rackets, find them here!

Other Sane Padel products

healthy padel

Then there is a long series of Sane Padel accessories and clothing that can satisfy even the most demanding player.

It starts from bags (which have rather competitive prices), and then arrive to clothing (cheap but with very little choice).

If you have a set to complete you'll be happy to find just about everything (apart from the padel men's shoes or woman that you find here).

Otherwise, we still recommend this brand, since the prices are in line or even lower than those of many competitorswithout compromising on quality.


Sane Padel is one of those really excellent brands, which manages to offer high-level equipment at a very competitive price.

What it lacks is not in substance, but in appearance. A tiny company struggles to compete with the marketing skills of other giants in the industry.

This, in a hypercompetitive market, can lead to a slow but inexorable decline towards anonymity.

Let's hope that things can change, perhaps with some high-level partnerships that bring this brand back to where it deserves to be.