There Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro it's a really interesting racquet that we wanted to try out in this one review.

This model it is certainly not one of the latest releases on the market but, during all these years, it has always maintained a very high level of sales.

For this reason, we wanted to go and touch the reasons for this success, to bring you a complete final verdict.

Let's explore this fantastic racket, so you can see if it's really the right one for you or if you might find yourself more comfortable with something else.

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Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro Review

Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro Review

The main characteristics to understand if a racket is valid or not, go through the materials it is made of, the shape of the head and its behavior on the court once it is held in the hand, for this reason we use them as parameters reference in each review.

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The materials

Being a racquet in the Pro range originally, we expect to find some quality materials absolute to form the body of the tool.

This is readily confirmed when you look at the carbon structure covered with a graphene surface, a material that lowers weight and guarantees greater resistance.

The inner core is in Power Foam rubber, which gives a ball output with above average strength and gives it a sparkling touch.

In principle, we can say that we have been fully satisfied from the creation of this racket, in all its parts.



The shape of the Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro is waiting to be discovered, so much so that we struggled to define it also in the review phase.

Basically it is a hybrid between the drop (here the explanation) and the diamond (explanation here), common to many other blades.

What differentiates it, however, is the fact that it is a feature very little pronounced, so much so that it is really hard to see the difference with the naked eye.

Whether this is good or not, even during the field test it was difficult for us to say, since we don't think it affects the game that much.

Ultimately, this being a watered-down hybrid we failed to take as a truly influential parameter in the general context.

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How it goes on the pitch

The racquet was a model for professionals also used by Sanyo Gutierrez, one of the most famous and successful padelisti in the world.

This makes us understand what was the general level of the tool that still brings all its goodness back to the field, without a shadow of a doubt.

In fact, the first few shots are enough to realize how much it is well balanced both in attack and defense, without ever denoting a real weakness.

It behaves more or less like a classic teardrop racquet, with a slightly more offensive balance than to the defense.

The flat part is a bit wrinkled, which allows you to give excellent effects to the ball, albeit without ever reaching the levels of racquets born for control.

Ultimately, we can say that we really liked this racket and we would like to recommend it to those looking for a balanced and high quality shovel.

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In this review, the Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro has shown to be a still very current model, able to position itself in the mid-range of the market.

But now the million dollar question, better this one or a newer one on the same price level? Well we at Racchettiamo choose this, since a born pro model will always be better done than a consumer one.

Obviously this is a personal opinion, but we want to give a clear answer to this doubt. If you liked our article, share it with your friends and help us grow!