Today we change the subject of ours a bit review, speaking of the Italian Padel Company and its model Attack Light.

This brand certainly does not have the fame or history of other sacred monsters in this sector, such as Head or Bullpadel, but it still manages to carve out its own space.

In this article we will go and try one of the flagship models of this company, trying to understand if it makes sense to put it in competition with other models such as the Adidas Power Control.

Fasten the strap of your shovel tightly because we are about to throw ourselves into the review of the Italian Padel Attack Luce Company!

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Review of the Italian Padel Attack Luce Company

To go and discover its qualities fully, we will go to see the 3 fundamental aspects which in our opinion really make a difference in everyday use, that is the build quality and the materials, the shape and the behavior on the pitch during the match.

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Carbon Padel Paddle Attack...
  • Weight: from 360 to 380 grams
  • Core: Soft EVA rubber.
  • Shape: round

The materials

The materials of this racquet are really excellent, so much so that we were even a little surprised by the value in proportion to the market price.

There the tubular structure is in fact coated with carbon, a classic for most rackets, so so far everything is regular.

The difference is the carbon of the face, which is absolutely difficult to find for most models at this figure.

Inside it then beats a heart of Soft EVA rubber, very valid especially for those looking for a calm and reasoned game.

Summing up, we can therefore say that the Italian Padel Attack Luce Company really starts on the right foot in this review.



Shape is a bit of a moot point for this racquet, as it says on the site it would be a drop (here the explanation) while it seemed to us absolutely roundabout (here the explanation).

Probably this is just an oversight in the writing phase, however we want to define it in all respects as a round shovel.

That said, we don't always like hybrid forms as some of them are actually useful, while others are mere commercial gimmicks.

We can define ourselves anyway satisfied of what this looks like model, very "classic" at the sight but that is not lost in useless ambitions.

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How it goes on the pitch

Can this shovel actually stand up to the most reputable brands like Head, Adidas and others? The time has finally come to find out.

As soon as it is picked up, it immediately sends us one nice feeling of solidity and fullness, which pleases those who are not looking for featherweights or racquets that almost disappear once held.

In the exchanges then he feels very much his shape and his heart, succeeding in control the ball at optimum levels.

What missing is the power and, although it is normal, on this racket we can say that it feels a little more than the others, also due to the soft EVA.

All right? Yup, we absolutely cannot complain about it, but perhaps we would have appreciated a little more panache.

For more experienced users, this lack could be felt while for beginners and intermediates we can really say that it helps the player a lot.

Carbon Padel Paddle Attack...
  • Weight: from 360 to 380 grams
  • Core: Soft EVA rubber.
  • Shape: round

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We have come to the end of this review and we can conclude that the Italian Padel Attack Luce Company is an excellent racket, with some limitations that will never bother less experienced users.

We still have one great confidence in this brand, who can see that he is putting a great deal of effort into the creation of top quality models!

We are really curious to see, now that the padel begins to take hold strongly in Italy, where this manufacturer will be able to arrive.

Share the article with your padellisti friends and let them know the Italian Padel Company, it's worth it!