The padel teardrop rackets they are absolutely the best-selling in the world, this is because they have really interesting features that make them irresistible.

What we are referring to is their great versatility, which allows them to get by in any situation, satisfying the wishes of all players.

In this article we want to take you to discover the best teardrop shaped padel rackets, giving you a perfect selection for all levels.

Before starting, however, I would like to clarify that these blades are really suitable for everyone so choose based on your financial resources and the quality you are looking for.

At this link instead, you will find the best padel rackets of 2022!

Head Evo Sanyo - Racket for ...
VARLION Avant H itsv Hard Shovel ...
Head Graphene 360 Alpha PRO
Head Evo Sanyo - Racket for ...
VARLION Avant H itsv Hard Shovel ...
Head Graphene 360 Alpha PRO
Head Evo Sanyo - Racket for ...
Head Evo Sanyo - Racket for ...
VARLION Avant H itsv Hard Shovel ...
VARLION Avant H itsv Hard Shovel ...
Head Graphene 360 Alpha PRO
Head Graphene 360 Alpha PRO

Best Drop Padel Rackets

In case you didn't know, tear and drop are synonymous with regards to the shape of the shovel and, if you want to know their advantages, here you will find the why choose a teardrop racket.

If you are looking for your neighbor clothing from padel, take a look here!

Head Evo Sanyo

The first price we find ourselves suggesting in all our reviews, as it has great features at a really low cost.

Obvious, they are not the classic 20 euros than a plastic racket bought in some wholesale store but, if you want to get serious, then it is impossible to go lower than that.

We would like to define it as the first quality price you can find online, so if you are looking for "minimum expense and maximum yield" you are definitely on the right product.

Its behavior in the field is really great, it makes it look like a top-end model for the inexperienced hand of a novice.

Head Evo Sanyo - Racket for ...
  • Soft foam paddle
  • More comfortable and powerful
  • A model with a new shape

Adidas X5 Ultimate Black Ltd

A racquet that we have greatly appreciated, which is to be considered as the ultimate model for the beginner.

Of course, even an intermediate can find excellent satisfaction from this model, but we prefer to divide the bands of 100 euros into 100 euros.

Adidas never lacks quality, with shovels always at the top for the market segment they occupy, so we would like to advise them without hesitation.

If you want to know more about best Adidas models, you can find them here.

adidas X5 Ultimate Black Ltd
  • Spectacular racquet of great power with a large point of impact, but maintaining a ...
  • Beautiful carbon design, matte finish and textured surface. Sensation...
  • Tubular made of carbon, which improves the durability of the blade, while also providing a ...

Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Control

Returning to the Head brand, let's now move on to something that guarantees gods top quality materials such as graphene.

Alpha Control is one soft racquet for players who like precision more than power, while maintaining that dynamism that never hurts.

We really like it from every point of view, even the aesthetic one with very beautiful graphics that certainly does not go unnoticed.

Yes, we know, aesthetics do not improve our padel, but the eye also wants its part.

Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Control ...
  • Drop-shaped Head padel racket with a wide sweet spot and a large ...
  • Very comfortable and handy built with Graphene 360+ technology on the frame and ...
  • Unmatched feeling and comfort. Made with the Smart Bridge and a ...

VARLION Avant H Itsv Hard

Varlion is a brand that rarely drops the price of 200 euros but, in this case, it brings a relatively cheap product to the field.

Going to analyze it more closely, however, we note all the technical knowledge of a brand that creates small jewels.

This racket incorporates some of the most interesting innovations created by Varlion technicians and, for this alone, it is worth the price paid.

If we add to this an excellent behavior on the field, then there are very few qualms.

VARLION Avant H itsv Hard Shovel ...
  • It is recommended for players who require and / or are looking for a balanced shovel between ...
  • Designed with hexagonal frame and long core, giving greater rigidity and ...
  • New protective injected self-adhesive

Wilson Ultra Elite teardrop padel racket

Wilson is a historic brand in the world of racket sports, excelling in padel just as it does in tennis.

This racket in particular aims at the high end of the intermediate level, for those looking for a tool of the highest quality but at an affordable price.

Of course, we are far from the first prices of this article, but also the performances go hand in hand with the economic increase of the vehicle.

If you are looking for the Wilson's best rackets, you can find them in this article.

Wilson Ultra Padel Racket ...
  • Wilson Ultra Elite Padel Racket, Carbon fiber composite material for ...
  • Infinity Edge with concave design along the edges for an excellent surface and a sweet ...
  • Grainy surface thanks to Opti-Grip technology for grip and control ...

Head Graphene 360 Alpha PRO

Turning now to the real and undisputed top of the range, we want to bring to your attention this used by Sanyo Gutierrez, one of the best padelists of all time.

Going to try it first hand, we can really say that it is one of the most balanced teardrop padel rackets in the world, able to offer everything at the same time.

Power to sell, control, precision, spin of the ball… In short, finding a defect is really difficult when you have tried this marvel with your hand.

Obviously, the price is not the lowest but, if you compare it with the top of the range, it is still cheap.

Wilson Blade Racket

Wilson does not like to be recognized with his rackets, in fact he calls them all the same way to confuse the players' ideas, but this is the top of the range of the Blade series.

Compared to the cheaper versions we find one better internal rubber, a superior quality coating and a texture on the face that gives the ball rotation.

In short, this Blade is truly a bomb and, if taken in hand, you immediately realize that you have an absolute level shovel.

Wilson Blade Padel RKT GRBK ...
  • Flat carbon material
  • Ipersoft EVA material
  • Hexagonal frame


Now you know which are the best padel teardrop rackets on the market, we are sure you will find the one that suits your needs.

We love the Head Graphene Alpha Pro very much, but we realize that this top-of-the-range model is a bit expensive for novice gamers.

So we also consider the intermediate level Head to be equally commendable, but we don't want to influence your choice, we won't be using it!