The padel Head graphene rackets they are the latest jewel that the American company has put on the market.

Since the range is quite wide and this name has some small and large variations, in this review we will go through them one by one.

We will analyze their strengths and weaknesses, trying to understand together which is the right racket for the beginner and which one for the expert player.

But if you need to understand how to choose the racket right for you, then this article will give you the answers you are looking for.

Head , Zephyr UL 2022 Unisex...
Head Graphene 360 Delta Gold +...
Head Delta PRO padel Racket...
Head , Zephyr UL 2022 Unisex...
Head Graphene 360 Delta Gold +...
Head Delta PRO padel Racket...
Beginner / intermediate
Head , Zephyr UL 2022 Unisex...
Head , Zephyr UL 2022 Unisex...
Beginner / intermediate
Head Graphene 360 Delta Gold +...
Head Graphene 360 Delta Gold +...
Head Delta PRO padel Racket...
Head Delta PRO padel Racket...

Review of the Head Graphene Padel Rackets

Before moving on to the equipment, however, it is right to dwell for a moment on this great brand, with rackets in the range Head graphene 360 to master it.head

Obviously for all those who practice padel, tennis or other sports is not a new sounding name, but novices may not know it.

If you are undecided about the choice, then you can rest assured that by buying one of these products you will be on the safe side.

Head is absolutely one of the best alternatives available on the market today, with products always of the highest thickness both in padel and in tennis.

Many professional players rely on Head throughout their career, which shows the quality.

Having swept away all doubts, let's now go and see together the best models of the graphene range while, if you are looking for the best Head rackets ever, you can find them here.


360 Zephir Ultra Light

If you are looking for a featherweight, then this Head graphene 360 UL is definitely the racket for you.

The version derives from the classic Zephir, enriched by an original livery and "thinner" by a few grams.

Put on the scale, in fact, it barely scores 340 grams, placing it as a reference point in the market.

The core is in Power Foam rubber, which always guarantees excellent control and a powerful response in every situation.

This product is designed for athletes who are making the transition from beginner to intermediate, who will find the perfect ally in this racket.

Its lightness then translates into use on the pitch that does not tire the arm even during the longest and most difficult matches.

Of course, for those who love the sensation of holding an important instrument in their hands, perhaps it could be too light and leave room for criticism.

For everyone else, however, it turns out one of the first alternatives to consider. If you want to read the review of the Zephyr and Zephyr UL, you can read our article.

Head , Zephyr UL 2022 Unisex...
  • The Zephyr Ultralight is lightweight and versatile, for intermediate and casual gamers ...
  • Technology: Innegra
  • Weight: 340 g



Touch Alpha Pro

This model is designed for the mid-range of the market, those sportsmen who don't use competitive padel but who don't want to give up on performance.

The project was born to offer as versatile a vehicle as possible, designed for power but also control.

The holes are of different sizes and the sweet spot quite large, which guarantees maximum control.

However, this is also accompanied by a certain rigidity of the structure which, thanks to graphene, never fails to amaze.

The core is made of ultra soft rubber, a material that has a variable density and gives unparalleled sound and enjoyment.

If you are looking for the best compromise at an affordable price, then this is the model for you.

Thanks to this racket you will always be able to find the right compromise on the court, being that knows how to adapt perfectly to everyone's game.

Obviously it is not a tool for established professionals, which can be seen from the price, but it certainly manages to please everyone thanks to its qualities. There Full review of the Touch Alpha Pro find it here.

Head - Graphene Touch Alpha Pro
  • The Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro is a power padel racket with which you will have the...
  • Flexible Graphenext frame in the tubular of the racket for a softer binding...
  • The Ultrasoft Foam rubber is developed starting from the already known N2 rubber, but...


Head Graphene 360 Delta Gold

An advanced level racket, which does not lack power but which also knows how to forgive small mistakes thanks to its generous sweet spot.

The EVA core helps to handle it without difficulty, giving back pleasant sensations even during the longest games.

His shape a diamond however, it is synonymous with a product that is not found unprepared when you want to push on the accelerator, while always maintaining impeccable ball control.

Compared to lower-end models it offers a Improved hit speed and handling, as well as greater strength and durability of the entire structure.

The frame composed of a tubular structure is variable in its rigidity, with more flexible points and others less depending on the needs.

Its price positions it in the mid-range of the market, as does its great versatility and excellent performance.

Also here we are faced with an amateur/semi pro shovel, who know how to tame a ball but won't find themselves in the situation of having to play in major tournaments.

Head Graphene 360 Delta Gold +...
  • 🎾 RACKETS MADE WITH CARBON MATERIAL in the frame, fiberglass in the...
  • 💎 ITS DIAMOND SHAPE gives it a high balance, facilitating...
  • 🪶 LIGHT AND POWERFUL. This padel racket was made with materials...

Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro

This Head racket built in graphene, it certainly is one of the most balanced products on the market.

Its high balance combined with the shape a tear, make it clear right away what the intentions of the tool are.

For this reason the model is recommended for players of all levels (but mainly advanced), who want a fun and versatile product.

The rubber inside is EVA, which always guarantees an excellent response to any shot.

You shouldn't be fooled by this detail though, with the 360 Alpha Pro you can play up close but also hit hard.

For this reason, it is recommended only for those players who have a varied style of play.

His price it settles on the medium/high range of the market, as well as the technical level. If you are looking for the best teardrop rackets, you can find them here.


 Head Graphene Delta Pro

For the best Head racket, the performance, as well as the price, are those of a product top of the range without compromises.

His form is the typical a diamond, with the sweet spot located just above the middle of the impact zone.

From the first shots on the court this Head graphene racket proves to be well balanced but still very aggressive.

Its great power makes it difficult to tame, able to embarrass the opponent but also the inexperienced player who uses it.

In principle, a very aggressive product that will leave the attackers happy, but it lacks a bit if you try to give the ball great effects.

A more elaborate surface would certainly have helped from this point of view, but they are forgiven.

Obviously its price is that of a top of the range, and it's worth them all.

However, for all those who do not practice high-level padel, the legitimate question to ask is whether it is worth spending so much on this tool.

Of course, it can be purchased in anticipation of the future, since its constrictive quality makes it very durable and reliable over time.

Head Delta PRO padel Racket...
  • Power and explosiveness for advanced level players
  • Exceptional sensitivity with the new Auxetic construction
  • Carbon on the impact surface to improve accuracy and touch



the Head product line for the padel is really wide, but the graphene rackets stand out for their quality.

If you are looking for a first price for the intermediate user then the Zephir ultra light is for you.

If you are a real pro that does not accept compromises, the DeltaPro will certainly be able to satisfy all your needs in this regard.

Whatever your choice I always want to recommend you to do not aim for an initial saving by renouncing quality because, over time, you would end up with a meager means that it could cause serious damage to your arm such as epicondylitis.

I hope this review helped you find the best Head graphene padel racket.

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