Are you looking for best padel rackets for beginners?

In this article we will talk about the padel focusing, mainly, on the 5 best padel rackets to start that could be for you!

You will find many descriptions and technical specifications that will help you choose the padel racket to start that suits you, without having to spend a lot of money!

Head Unisex Padel Racket,...
Wilson Pro Staff Team, WR032911U2 ...
Babolat - Padel racket...
Head Unisex Padel Racket,...
Wilson Pro Staff Team, WR032911U2 ...
Babolat - Padel racket...
Beginner / intermediate
Beginner / intermediate
Head Unisex Padel Racket,...
Head Unisex Padel Racket,...
Wilson Pro Staff Team, WR032911U2 ...
Wilson Pro Staff Team, WR032911U2 ...
Beginner / intermediate
Babolat - Padel racket...
Babolat - Padel racket...
Beginner / intermediate

The Best Padel Rackets For Beginners

The best padel racquets for beginners generally have a shape roundabout, but in addition to the form there are many other aspects to consider and the most important can be summarized as follows: size, weight, grip, profile, surfaces And sweet spot.

In fact, the size of each racket must not exceed the following measurements:

  • 45.5cm of length,
  • 26cm wide,
  • 3.8cm in profile / thickness.

The weight of a padel shovel for a woman should be between 355gr and 370gr, while for a man it should be between 370gr and 385gr. This weight may vary according to the material used in the construction of the frame.

One aspect to consider when looking at the padel rackets to get started is the grip: that is, the handle of the handle. The choice of one material rather than another depends on yours sweating of the hands; if you have a habit of sweating your hands a lot, a cotton grip is recommended rather than a rubber one, to keep your hands always cool during the game.

The sweet spot, also called sweet spot, is the point in the padel blade where, when the ball hits, it responds most successfully. In some models, the point it can be more or less large and does not necessarily have to be placed in the center of the racket.

If you want to know what the best padel rackets of 2022, take a look here!


 Head Evo Sanyo Padel Racket

The Head company has managed to contain the price and churn out a quality product, creating a basic padel racket to start with but well made.

The racket model in question is the Evo Sanyo, with form a tear and balance in the middle. The racket has a fiberglass and carbon structure and a smooth fiberglass surface, ideal for reducing vibrations and avoiding inflammation in the elbow (also called epicondylitis).

Despite being a very cheap first price, it manages to impress with its properties in the field.

It will never lack the right reactivity, power and ball control in any situation. Alternatively, also the Head Flash that we have reviewed it's a great product.

Head Unisex Padel Racket,...
  • Soft foam paddle
  • More comfortable and powerful
  • A model with a new shape



 Head Zephyr Pro Padel Racket

In addition to the budget model, Head has also created an intermediate level padel racquet always at a very low price.

We are talking about the Zephyr Pro model, a padel racquet with a shape tear and central balance, weighing about 360gr, carbon frame and smooth fiberglass surfaces.

The racket has an excellent quality / price ratio, because it is very light, easy to handle and of an intermediate level.

On the pitch it really shines for the ease with which it is controlled, which makes it perfect for all beginners.

When you are a beginner, it sometimes happens that it is the racket that guides the hand of the padelista.

Thanks to this tool, however, you feel you always have the situation under control.

For the review of the models Zephyr and Zephyr UL, you can read our article.

HEAD Padel Schläger Graphene...
  • padel rackets - Unstrung weight in g: 365
  • head shape:
  • Profile (mm): 38


Padel Racket "Bullpadel X-Compact 2"

There Bullpadel X-Compact 2 it is an elegant racquet with an excellent quality / price ratio, which is why it is ideal for both beginners in the world of padel and for the more experienced.

It is a round-shaped racket, with a carbon fiber structure and a total weight of about 365gr. The core of this Bullpadel it is made of EVA rubber, the front surface is smooth and it is made of fiberglass.

Compared to the others, it stands out for its great build quality, which translates into greater durability over time.

By purchasing this model you are assured of a trusted playmate who will accompany you through the years. If you are looking for the full review of this model, read our article.

Bullpadel X-Compact 2 Yellow
  • Racquet that stands out for its excellent value for money. It's a...
  • Ideal for mid-level players who require a control shovel, which ...
  • The frame was made of carbon fiber, the core with eva rubber and the face ...


Padel Racket "Wilson Padel Pro Staff Team"

If you know the world of tennis, you will surely know who we are talking about by mentioning the historic brand "Wilson".

The historic US company has produced a series of padel rackets for beginners and not, including the Padel Pro Staff Team.

As you can see from the attractive colors, this shovel has a frame made with a graphite technology and inside it has a Core Foam foam for greater control and performance.

This racquet offers truly exceptional ball control, above the average of its competitors.

For the beginner or intermediate, this feature could prove decisive especially in the first games.

Wilson Pro Staff Team, WR032911U2 ...
  • Wilson padel Pro Staff Team racquet, Fiberglass Weave technology for ...
  • Low density EVA core for stability, softness and comfort
  • Eyelets with high-tech Sharp Hole for greater playing precision



Babolat Counter Vertuo Padel Racket

If you are looking for a latest generation racquet, with an innovative design and great functionality, Babolat Counter Vertuo is the model that's right for you.

This padel racquet is especially suitable for those looking for a model to play in response, controlling the ball to the maximum and giving life to a more technical exchange.

The advantage of buying this racket is that, in the long run, you will not have to replace it, because this Babolat can accompany you both at the beginning and when you are a skilled padel player.

Certainly this model stands out for offering a higher quality than the others, but the price goes up with it.

However, this could be an investment that, over the years, will be amply repaid.

Babolat - Padel racket...
  • For counter-attackers: The counter-attacker patiently monitors the play and waits…
  • Vibrabsorb System: enjoy better vibration absorption thanks to the new...
  • Black EVA: This elastic foam gives the player maximum power and...



In conclusion, before choosing the most suitable model for you among the best padel racquets for beginners, consider if you want to practice this sport occasionally or, if you think you might like it, if you want to practice it for a long time.

In the second case, you may want to consider a mid-level racquet right away, because it could be an excellent investment.

In any case, we recommend that you buy a model made with quality materials, designed to last over time and with high performance, to guarantee you absolute fun at every workout and match!

If you want some more information on padel rules, we talked about it in this article.

I hope this article has proved helpful and that, if so, you decide to share it with your friends who are passionate about padel.