The padel Decathlon rackets they are certainly an ideal choice for those who want to start this sport without spending a fortune but without sacrificing quality.

Given that, although Decathlon is the retailer, none of those found in their stores are actually branded with this name.

The products come from more or less famous external brands, depending on the price range, so it is good to keep this detail in mind.

In this article we will look at the 7 best padel rackets which can be found in stores Decathlon, so let's not waste time and let's go!

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padel round racket

Decathlon Padel Rackets

These are the best ever divided by price range, so we will start with the cheapest ones and then move up in the range.

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padel PR190 Kuikma racket


Let's start with a model that definitely is among the cheapest absolutely to play padel, even if it offers very little to the user.

This padel racquet is perfect for anyone who wants to give the first shots but they are not sure if they will love the sport or not, so they are aiming for savings.

Honestly, if you are planning to play and can spend a few extra bucks, I would immediately aim for something more performing.

If you are looking for the best Kukima rackets, you can find them here.


Bullpadel BP 10


Let's go up a little level and find Bullpadel (here the best rackets of the brand) which brings this entry level model.

The materials are a bit better than the previous ones, which you feel right away once taken in your hand, but it still remains a very first price.

Perhaps the most suitable solution for beginners who want spend as little as possible, but these are purely personal considerations.


Head Zephyr UL


This model we have personally reviewed, is the best quality / price ratio that you can find at Decathlon among the padel rackets.

Lightweight, with the highest quality materials and with a truly sublime behavior on the pitch, we would like to recommend it without hesitation for all those who begin this sport.

In addition, it should be emphasized that its lightness makes it the padel women's racket perfect but does not disappoint anyone who loves the lightness of a feather in the hand.

For the review of Zephyr models, you can read our article.


Adidas Raxper

decathlon racket

Adidas is a brand that never ceases to amaze us by giving products of the highest level at often very affordable prices for the consumer.

This rule is also confirmed with this Raxper, a round shaped shovel that helps tactical players and beginners to enter the field.

We are already in the mid-range of the sector, which means quite full-bodied prices but still quite affordable, so to keep an eye on regardless of the level. If you want to know what the best Adidas rackets, you can find them here.


Head Graphene 360+

Decathlon Padel Rackets

Once again we find Head on this ranking, with a model that stands out for its own unusual shape and very flashy.

A racket that focuses on balance to respond both in attack and in defense, in order to guarantee excellent performance.

Here the level is already medium / high, with a product that can easily be picked up at the first batch and abandoned after many years of intense satisfaction.

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padel Head ALPHA PRO racket


Always staying on the brand Head (here the best rackets of this brand), we focus on the Alpha Pro and its beautiful line.

This is one of the best selling rackets absolutely among those who play at a very advanced level, without ever betraying expectations.

We recommend it to players who play at Competitive level or in any case they are really experts in this sport, as the expense is not justified for those who could not fully exploit it.


Babolat Technical Viper

Decathlon Padel Rackets

The Babolat Tecnical Viper is one of the best padel rackets that can be found at Dechatlon, as it really has everything to be the absolute reference point.

Incredible materials, easy handling, truly frightening firepower and the certainty that it will last for years despite abuse, what more could you want?

Of course the price goes hand in hand but, for those aiming to dominate the fields, it makes complete sense invest in a tool that is the absolute top in the sector.

If you want to know more about Babolat rackets, in this article you will find the best ever, so take a look to find some interesting surprises!

If you want to read the review of the Viper series, find it here.


The padel rackets sold by Decathlon they are tools that range from the super beginner range to models with a very high value, top of the market.

We sincerely advise against the purchase of models that are too cheap, as they are not suitable for the growth of the player and capable of giving problems such as epicondylitis.

Better to spend the money only once but doing it well, knowing that you have won a tailor-made model for the years to come and not just for a few months.

In general, however, we are satisfied with the level reached by Decathlon in offering products related to the emerging world of padel!