Have you heard of padel Cisalfa rackets and are you curious to know if they too can be considered valid options for your padelistico shopping?

Before jumping to hasty conclusions, let's do some clarity. Cisalfa does not produce padel rackets under the sign of its own brand, but it is a very normal reseller like Amazon could be.

Therefore, on their site, you will find rackets of every brand and level, with the logical consequence of having good models and others that are less good.

In this article we will go to see together the best padel rackets that can be found at Cisalfa, so stay glued to the screen for the perfect purchase.

padel racket which one to choose

Best Cisalfa Padel Rackets

These models that will follow are those that we at Racchettiamo feel like defining as the best products for sale on their site.

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Head Evo Sanyo

head evo sanyo

As has already happened in many of our other guides, the Head Evo Sanyo always ends up appearing in first place in the ranking.

This is certainly not because it is the best ever, but because the best first price that can be found around the various shops.

Under this figure it is really difficult (if not impossible) to find a tool that is more than a mere toy, which will tire the player very soon.

Therefore, for all beginners looking for minimum cost/maximum yield, this is definitely the padel racket to buy at Cisalfa.


Bullpadel 10 Evo


Here too the same goes for the Head racket just seen a few lines above, with a slight surcharge which however is amply justified.

The general level of the tool rises compared to what was seen for the rival of the same range, so much so that here we are faced with a shovel that can be fine for the first few years.

Obviously everything depends on the player himself, as those who have a very rapid growth could find it tight sooner but, for all the others, it will be fine for some time.

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Puma Solar Blink Control and Power

padel cisalfa rackets

Let's put it at this point two rackets that are found at the same price and are absolutely identical in quality, but differ on one key detail.

There Puma Control it is a racket of shape roundabout (here the explanation), which allows a more reasoned and technical game.

There Puma Power instead it is a diamond (explanation here), therefore made for much more aggressive players who like power over precision.

Without going into the merits of the two gaming philosophies, both models really do a great job of allowing the player to get the most out of their padel.

The control is definitely more recommended for novice players, which will certainly benefit from greater control and will avoid sending the balls to the moon.

If you want to know more about the Puma brand padel, you can read our article.


Wilson Staff Elite


Wilson is certainly not a brand that deserves an introduction, so much so that we have made one ranking of its best rackets that oozes quality.

This model in particular is truly a remarkable tool that aims at the mid-range of the market, going to satisfy those who chew padel well.

let's be clear, this is the classic racket that is great for anyone, from beginner to experienced player without exception.

To us at Racchettiamo, however, it seems a bit too expensive for those who have just started playing, but this doesn't want to make you change your mind about buying.


Head Delta Elite

padel cisalfa rackets

Always on a similar level to that of Wilson we find this Head, yet another jewel baked by this house that has made the history of racket sports.

The price is substantial, but it is completely justified by how it behaves in the field as well as an absolutely superfine attention to materials.

In our absolutely personal opinion, this racket is the best for experienced players who don't have pro ambitions or desires.

Spending more on occasional gamers makes little sense, as you would be paying for unnecessary technical features.

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Varlion Summum Carbon

padel cisalfa rackets

Varlion is one of those brands that does not accept compromises of any kind, in fact does not have any racket in the low/intermediate price range.

Every single element is concentrated to provide top products, just like this Carbon which really has everything it takes to excel.

Its round shape and materials offer an excellent level of control, sinning a bit on power as is normal.

For technical players, this Varlion is a real jewel.

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Adidas Adipower 3.1

adipower 3.1

Adipower is a real beauty and we will never tire of putting it in our rankings as he deserves all the honors.

One of the best padel rackets out there today, whether we're talking about Cisalfa or any other shop in the world.

Evolution of 2.0, takes all of its amazing properties and refines them to a level that will truly blow your mind.

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These are the best padel Cisalfa rackets that you can find in their stores, let us know which one you liked the most.

We prefer the Head Delta Elite for its very balanced relationship between performance and price, but you may want the Adipower 3.1 to not have to make compromises.

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