Before buying, it is always good to take a look at the padel racket reviews that you intend to place in the cart.

At Racchettiamo, in addition to giving advice on the game of padel and on racquet sports, we take care of making reviews of the best models.

This is because we know how important it is to try first hand before buying, even if this luxury is not granted to the common customer.

So we take care of doing this job for you, testing the goodness of the tool and then guiding you to purchase.

Pale Padel Reviews

padel kuikma racket

During our existence, several models have passed under our hands, which we have adequately reviewed before recommending them to the reader or not.

Our method is based on three simple factors, which are crucial to understand if the aforementioned model will be good or not for the purpose.

First we check that the materials and the build quality are well made, otherwise it doesn't even make sense to go further.

A badly made racquet will never do well on the court or, even if it does, it would risk breaking after a short time.

Never skimp on a few extra pennies, otherwise you could end up having to spend more money very soon.

Checked this, so let's move on to padel racket shape, not a determining factor for reviews but that takes on its own meaning.

The shape determines the behavior on the field, so it is something that the user must know otherwise he could be thrown off guard.

Those who love control or novice users may not be comfortable with a diamond racket (explanation here), as well as advanced players think that a round (explanation here) is too soft.

Not to mention that there are houses that create real hybrids between the various forms, which gives rise to a bit of confusion for users.

Finally we take the racket in hand and we go to throw two shots on the court, trying to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Obviously this is the most important part, as it really makes a difference for those looking for purchase information.

The Best Padel Rackets Encountered During Reviews

padel racket reviews

Since we imagine you are looking for reviews of the best padel rackets we have encountered, we want to give you a small summary and then leave you all the links.

The best budget padel racket we've ever reviewed is the Adidas X-Treme, which costs very little when compared with the build quality.

It has great shot control, the materials are top in its price range and has everything a beginner needs.

Its great strength also lies in the ability to go well for those who, as a beginner, are no longer so and now play at an intermediate level.

At this link you can find the review of the Adidas X-Treme.

Turning now to the intermediate range of the market, one of the models we always recommend is the Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro.

This is a racket that, until recently, cost a lot more than what you can find in stores now.

At the time it was a top of the range, only to slip into the mid-range due to the advancement of construction technology.

So why do we like it so much? For the simple fact that, in the hand, it still demonstrates the solidity and pedigree of a top racket.

During the test we were absolutely impressed by its great capacity, so we would like to recommend it without hesitation.

At this link you can find the review Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro.

Turning now to the best racket we ever reviewed, the Adidas Adipower 2.0, a model that has now gone out of production.

This racquet could immediately be felt that it belonged to a superior category, capable of always delivering precise and rich hits.

We are waiting to review two top of the range like the Adipower 3.1 and the Metalbone but, until that moment, we remain stuck in the previous version.

Browsing through our site you will find many reviews of the most popular models, so I recommend you go to the section padel rackets and go through them all.

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These are our padel racket review criteria, we hope you enjoy our method.

If you have any advice or request in this regard, you can contact us via the section contacts and write to us helping to improve our service.

For our part, you can always be sure to receive the utmost honesty and transparency in the reviews because we too, like you, are padel players!