padel racket, which one to choose? A question that is really difficult to answer as the market is really large and the differences between the models are many and few at the same time.

This is because, for a beginner, the blades may all look a bit similar, with little difference between them, while for an experienced player even a hair makes a difference.

In this article we go to see together which padel racket to choose according to the player's needs, trying to find the perfect solution.

We will divide into three segments the market, depending on whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a true pro of padel.

padel racket which one to choose

Which Padel Racket to Choose?

Let's see together what can be the perfect choices for the player but, in case you are looking for theclothing from padel, take a look here!

Rackets for beginners

padel racket which one to choose

Starting from the absolute beginner, it is good to point out that the padel racket to choose must never be too cheap, as under a certain amount there is only junk.

The minimum price for a good product is around 70/80 €, but you can easily push yourself even further if you plan a long career in this sport.

No, it's not about becoming a pro, but if you're pretty sure you love this game, then it's better to spend the money once but get it right.

Conversely, if you have never walked the fields, then it is better to throw yourself into a tool that is also very cheap, avoiding wasting money if the passion does not arise.

That said, the best padel rackets for beginners are definitely the ones from round shape, more gentle and docile in response and with the ability to "forgive".

As we have already written one complete guide to round padel rackets, I leave you the link for more information.

Let's now go and see together some interesting racquets for the novice player.

Head Evo Sanyo

This model is the very first price which we recommend, under which it is really difficult to find something good.

The racquet in question offers a really good compromise in terms of quality / price, guaranteeing an acceptable technical level for the entire learning period.

Head Unisex Padel Racket,...
  • Soft foam paddle
  • More comfortable and powerful
  • A model with a new shape

Dunlop Infinite Pro

The Infinite Pro is a great model that is always in the early price range but has excellent general characteristics.

Dunlop is a brand with fluctuating performances and which, at times, adopts solutions that are not always happy but, in this case, he did a great job.

Dunlop - Infinity Pro Racket ...
  • Dunlop high-end racquet, for advanced and professional level but thanks to its ...
  • Exclusive mold of oversize shape with flat profile to expand the area of ...
  • Power Bar technology that allows you to adapt the balance according to the ...

Adidas X-Treme LTD

Adidas always churns out commendable models and, this one in particular, is one of our favorites for those looking for a first course that can last over time.

If you want to know in detail how it behaves and its characteristics you can take a look at ours in-depth review.

Adidas - Padel racket, mod ....
  • Adidas racquet with a large sweet spot, control and excellent exit of the ...
  • Round format, with a low balance that offers great control. Design...
  • Rough surface, which maximizes the effect of the ball on hitting. Technology...

If you are looking for the best dunlop rackets, Head, Adidas or le best for beginners, you can find them here.


Rackets for intermediates

padel racket which one to choose

Moving now to the intermediate segment of the market, here the gap really widens as it is difficult to establish exactly where this segment begins and where it ends.

Generally we recommend a padel racket to choose from in a well-defined price range, identifiable between € 100 and € 200, a limit beyond which it seems useless to go.

Certainly there are people who prefer to have the best of the best and invest € 400 in a Metalbone but, for us, it seems excessive.

The rackets in this range can really be of any shape, but it seems appropriate to us indicate as the teardrop shape as main.

In truth this is the best-selling type of racquet ever but, to make you understand our decision, you can see the advantages of the teardrop shape at this link.

In any case, let's go and see some intermediate level shovels ideal to accompany the amateur player during a whole life in the padel.

Head Graphene Alpha Pro

A racket that we love very much as it is designed for the high end but then dropped in price over the years, becoming a great deal.

As we have thoroughly talked about it in this review, I leave you our article to explain all the qualities.

No products found.

Nox Ultimate Power 3

The rackets of Nox are starting to be successful also in Italy, as the market seems to have noticed their goodness.

We are keeping a close eye on all the recently released models and, we have to admit, they have left us very satisfied.

Nox - Ultimate Power 3 Yellow ...
  • The spectacular new Nox Ultimate 3 Yellow shares one of the most ...
  • An advanced level diamond-shaped model with great power and output of ...
  • Rough and grainy surface for a greater impact effect.

Wilson Blade Elite + balls

We put this on racket + balls package that slightly exceeds the agreed roof, but only the racket would fit inside.

The safety of a brand like Wilson always makes a difference and those 3 balls add an extra touch of value to the pack.

Wilson Blade Elite TX V2 Racket...
  • Balance: 257mm
  • Beam: 38mm
  • Core Type: Soft EVA

If you are looking for the best rackets for intermediates, to tear or le best Nox, you can find them here.


Rackets for professionals

padel woman racket

Now let's move on to the most difficult market segment of all to satisfy, as there are players here who know what they want and don't need advice.

However, since even the greatest of players could fall victim to indecision, we still want to reserve some advice.

To begin with the shape of the padel racket of this market segment, there is no answer to the question “which one to choose”.

Pro players can opt for a round racquet for tactical play, a drop for balance, or a diamond to break the ball.

The latter is generally referred to as the "pro form" and, in case you do not know what it is, we leave you the article on reasons to choose the diamond shape.

That said, all that remains is to see together some screaming models for the ultimate player.

Adidas Adipower 3.1

The old version of the Adipower was fantastic but, the new one, incredibly managed to raise the bar one more notch.

Really hard to wish for better, with a tool that has no weaknesses but only a lot of quality.

Adidas, Adipower 3.1, Tennis Racket...
  • Technical category: Diamond
  • User: Advanced
  • Weight: 360-375 (0+12) G

Wilson BELA Elite and Pro

For a long time now a reference point in the sector, Wilson bela it is something extraordinary that will blow anyone who uses it.

Soft in the tactical play and aggressive in the offensive one, she never fails to be ready in every shot given on the field.

If you are looking for the complete review of the Elite and Pro, find it here.

Adidas Metalbone

Perhaps the best racket available today according to many, the best according to the Racchettaimo team who have long fallen in love with her.

On balance, the level is that of Wilson, so the choice is difficult, but here we find that extra bit of panache that drops the scales.

If you are looking for the full review of the Metalbone, find it here.

Adidas, Metalbone 3.1, Tennis Racket...
  • Technical category: Diamond
  • User: Advanced
  • Weight: 345-360 (0+12) G

At this link instead, you will find the best rackets from padel!


Now you know what the best padel racket models and which one to choose depending on your level of play, you just have to decide which model you prefer.

We hope we have been helpful in choosing your next (or first) racket, giving you intense and fun matches on the court.

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