What is the padel racket size perfect for the gamer? The answer of course is "it depends", as a lot of factors take over to change the result.

Shape, weight, skill of the player and many other small and large variables determine how the size of the shovel should be chosen.

In this article we aim to give you a general idea of what and how to be taken into consideration during the purchase phase, in order to allow you to make a careful choice.

Let's see what are the factors that determine the size of the racket, dissecting them one by one in detail.

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Padel Racket Size, the Factors

The sizes of a racket from padel they are basically 3 and range from classic medium to oversize (the largest). Let's see together what advantages and disadvantages accompany them.

Player skill

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The first could only be the skill of the player himself, as it is what most of all must be taken into consideration.

How? Well, a larger racquet has a more generous surface, which allows you to retrieve balls even a few centimeters over there.

A leaner one, on the other hand, does not grant you anything because you will always have to have the perfect positioning and the technique to support it, otherwise it will be easier to make mistakes.

This, however, is not a dogma, it must be taken with pliers also because if you add on one side, you are forced to remove something from the other as we will see later.

For now, however, let's not digress too much, let's keep this first crucial point and let's move on to the next one to give a more complete general picture.


The weight tolerated

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Let's clarify right away, by tolerated we don't mean whether or not you have the strength to lift the racket in question, they are all manageable.

What we are referring to is a pure one personal preference mixed with long-term physical endurance, as a heavier racket inevitably ends up getting more tired.

However, we would like to clarify that, between a light and a heavy shovel, about sixty grams pass, therefore certainly not a very wide range.

Despite this, after two hours of intense padel, this handful of grams can be felt as much as a lot of stones, which is worth keeping in mind.

So, according to the simple law that a larger sized padel racket is also heavier, you will need to adjust accordingly.

Do you have a sturdy arm that doesn't fear this difference? Then the oversize one is fine but, if you are more sensitive, a small and light one is better.

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The type of game

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This is an aspect that would seem to be of particular interest to the padel experts, as a beginner does not yet know what style he wants to adopt, but it is not completely true.

A padel racket bigger is also more powerful, this is because it has a greater weight in the head which generates power output.

A lighter one, on the other hand, will make it slightly more difficult to reach the same km / h in the aggressive shot, so consider it carefully.

This is true even if you are a beginner, since those who are less experienced may find in the power an enemy rather than an ally.

When you have yet to start taking measures to the field and your own blows, a forgiving shovel is definitely better than a punitive one.

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The handling

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Ultimately, handling is a factor that really changes a lot depending on the size of the racquet, perhaps more than all the others.

This because, by shifting the weight towards the tip, the tool becomes slower and more cumbersome to move, resulting in a loss of agility.

Conversely, if the weight is in the handle, it all becomes much quicker and easier to handle, but this obviously comes at a price.

The more manageable racquets are also the less powerful ones, since it is an inverse relationship between these two characteristics.

More weight at the tip equals more power but less agility while, if the grams go towards the handle, speed increases at the expense of strength.

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Now you know how the padel racquet size works and how to choose it but, before purchasing, let me give you one last tip.

The best way to know what we like is to try it so if you have a few padelisti friends, ask them to let you try playing with their racquet (hoping they have different sizes).

In this way you will have the opportunity to touch what it means to have a different size, which is otherwise impossible.

Otherwise you can always buy it on Amazon and then make the return in case you are not satisfied, so as to find the perfect solution.