The padel round racquet is the model created to best suit beginners and to all those who are looking for a handy tool.

In this article we will analyze the pros and cons, in order to help you understand if it is right for you.

We will then compare it with the models a drop it's at diamond, in order to understand the differences between them.

Let's find out what this shovel has to offer to all players who decide to choose it.

how to choose padel racket


The Benefits of a Round Padel Racket

The round padel racket is a model designed in principle for the beginners, adapting to the needs of this market segment.

Obviously it would be an understatement to say that it is aimed only at novices or that there are only low quality models, since it is absolutely not true.

In fact, there are many models on the market designed for the intermediate user or even the advanced one, with prices that well exceed two hundred euros.

Whatever your level, you are therefore authorized to seriously consider purchasing this tool.

In particular, this racquet is designed for those looking for great handling and ease of use.

The balance is shifted towards handle, making it easier to control in any game situation.

It should then be added that a shovel like this excels in defensive play, making ball control his main feature.

Compared to the diamond one, where the power of the blow and the aggressive play are the masters, we are exactly at the opposite extreme.

Our shots will be less marked by the attack, but they will lead us to have a much more tactical and reasoned game.

For this reason it goes so well with beginners, because softening the blows "forgive" the exuberance of the novice avoiding that the balls go all out of bounds.

Finally, it must be said that the padel drop racket starts at lower prices than the others but, obviously, these models are generally lower quality first prices.

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The Defects of a Round Padel Racket

The defects of the round padel racket are the opposite of the advantages of the diamond one.

Here in fact, if on the one hand we can boast sublime ball control, we will sin at the level of offensive play.

The shots that come out of this racquet can never have the same vigor as those made with a diamond shovel or even just a drop.

Obviously it doesn't mean that we will barely get past the midfield goal while using all our strength, we are not at this level.

The difference in power becomes noticeable only once a certain level of play has been reached, since first it will be difficult to fully exploit the vehicle.

During the phase of learning it will be easier to keep the ball on the pitch, but you will still need to dose your strength carefully.

Another downside is that (generally) there are fewer high-quality round-shaped models.

To be more precise, there are fewer than those you might find if you were looking for a diamond or teardrop shovel.


Other factors to consider

There are also many other factors that should be considered when choosing a padel racket, be it round or any other shape.

If you need to discover all the features that guide you in choosing a racket, this is it guide is for you.

The dimension

The size of a racquet is really crucial on the court, as it changes the style of play a lot and the sensation it transmits to the arm.

Specifically, on the market we can find blades of three different sizes: classic, medium and oversize.

The classic format it is also the smallest in terms of surface, which makes it easier to miss the ball.

On the other hand, however, this model is much more responsive and easier to manage, which should not be underestimated at all.

The oversize instead it offers a very generous face, but this also involves a noticeable increase and shift in weight.

The responsiveness of an oversized racquet drops to minimum levels, but the power increases dramatically.

In the middle we find the average, which offers an excellent compromise between the two extremes, but without excelling.

There is no ideal solution that I can recommend, the only one is to try it yourself and decide what best fits your needs.


The weight of a racquet is very important as, if not appropriate, it could cause serious damage to the arm and shoulder.

Generally a racquet, round or any other shape, it must weigh not less than 340 grams and not more than 385.

If yours does not meet these parameters, then I recommend that you change it immediately before it starts to experience problems.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself with the first pains or are particularly prone to injuries, in this article you will find the best rackets against epicondylitis.

Tennis elbow it is a problem not to be underestimated because, if not taken seriously, it could lead you to hang your racket very soon.

My advice is always to avoid speculating when buying, choosing a low quality model to save a few pennies.

Better to invest a few euros more but making sure a tool that lasts over time, helps us to improve and above all does not cause damage to our body.

The Best Round Padel Rackets

Below we see three models (one for each price range) that we would like to recommend to those looking for a round padel racket.



Round Padel Racket: Adidas X-Treme LTD Padel Racket

A first price but which winks at the mid-range of the market, acting as a link between the two.

The quality of this racquet makes it one of the best products ever for beginners and intermediates who want quality without excessive expense.

If you are interested in this brand, in this article you will find the best models of Adidas.

adidas X-Treme Lime
  • Ideale per controlli e colpi precisi grazie al suo ampio punto debole e al basso...
  • Progettato per giocatori esperti, migliora la manovrabilità e la resistenza.
  • Combinazione di durata e comfort con la sua struttura in fibra di vetro e il nucleo...



Round Padel racket: StarVie Aquila Space Pro

This racket costs more, but is worth every penny of its price.

The quality is excellent, thanks to its characteristics, allows for flawless ball control and a sublime soft touch.

The processing that presents on the face then, guarantees a truly impressive ball effect.



Round Padel racket: Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTR racket

A racket for professionals or for amateurs who do not accept compromises and they always want the best.

The high price is absolutely justified by the level of the product, which will not make the user lack anything.

Technical and reasoned play are the daily bread of this padel racket with a round shape that offers sublime control.

Bullpadel Shovel Vertex 03 CTR 22,...
  • Unisex paddle paddle for adults
  • Bullpadel multicolored



The round padel racquet combines with a calm and technical game, in response to the aggressiveness of the diamond one.

If you prefer this style then you will be absolutely satisfied with the product, there is no doubt.

If this isn't your daily bread, I'm sure you will find what you are looking for in the articles I linked to you above related to other forms of racket.

I hope this article has proved useful and clarified your doubts related to the world of padel.

Share it with your friends and let them discover the fantastic properties of this type of racquet.