One of the products that we often hear about is the padel ProKennex racket, a fairly exclusive brand that produces only a handful of models.

Since we found it quite interesting, we decided to take a dive into this brand to try to understand if they are products that deserve it or not.

In this article we will first look at ProKennex and then see which models it makes sense to buy, if any (we may not always like it).

So, if you're looking for more information about this brand and a possible racket to buy, then don't miss a syllable of what's to come.

Who is ProKennex


Let's start by trying to understand who it is Pro Kennex, a brand that perhaps many already know but which, at least in padel, may not be so famous.

ProKennex is a brand with origins in Taiwan, which sells its products to the 4 corners of the world, with offices also in Italy as well as in many other countries.

Its focus is on racket sports such as tennis, padel, badminton, squash and more, so it can't really be defined as specialized on a specific niche.

Its foundation dates back to 1978, which means having a good history and wealth of experience behind it to bring to the various products it churns out every year.

So ProKennex is definitely a factor to take into consideration when choosing a racket but what we want to understand, is how it preforms in the padel.

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ProKennex Padel

padel pro kennex racket

ProKennex is certainly not famous for making avalanches of models that flood the market in every price range, more so for a few but targeted products.

In fact, going to the site, you notice that there is a very limited choice for any sport, not just for padel.

This choice is dictated by reasons purely related to the company and we don't want to judge it but, from a user's point of view, we can be happy with this.

Having a handful of well-made products is much better than an avalanche full of junk, and this expectation fully applies to ProKennex.

In fact, here there are no models that are cheap but are worth little, as well as others that it is not clear why they were created.

Each shovel of this brand has its own well-defined dimension and positions itself as one of the best alternatives in its price range.


Which ProKennex Racket Should You Choose?


As mentioned, the choice for a ProKennex padel racket is quite limited, so much so that there are only two models available at the time of this writing.

Of course, by searching online stores you can find other cheaper ones, but these are out of production or used, so we generally advise against buying them.

For all those who want a racket of this brand, then the choices can only fall on these two.

Pro Kennex Turbo


Medium/high-end racket that focuses entirely on playability and on ball control, without looking for particularly high powers.

Ideal for all medium-level players looking for a multipurpose tool, which can accompany them for many years and without ever being a limit.

THE materials that compose it are top notch, but we wouldn't have expected anything less from a product offered at this price.


Legend/Focus Pro

The two flagship models of the brand, which offer maximum performance although they specialize in two opposite directions.

There Legend indeed it focuses everything on control and maneuverability during the game, partially sacrificing power in favor of greater tacticity and maneuverability.

There Focus goes in the opposite direction, making the power and speed of the ball its raison d'etrethus completing the offer.

Broadly speaking, aside from the fact that they were created for two opposing styles of play, these rackets are equal in goodness.

Top materials, technology among the best ever and a feeling in the hand that has nothing to envy to the more expensive models of the other houses, so choose the one that fits your style!

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There ProKennex padel racket it is really excellent and does not fear the competition of those in its same price range, keeping up with it very well.

Obviously the limited offer makes it difficult to find the one that fits perfectly with your needs, but it is a problem that is easily overcome.

The goodness of these shovels is indisputable, so it is worth paying a few euros more to take home a model that really knows its stuff.