Are you trying to find out what the padel racket price that it makes sense to pay when you go to do your sports shopping?

In fact, this is a subject on which we have already spent more than a word in our articles, but we have never dealt with individually.

Today, on the other hand, we really want to look only and exclusively at the cost of padel blades, going to see which ones are suitable and for whom.

We will try to go and see what the price ranges are and what players should consider for their purchases. Let's go!

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Shovels Padel Price

Let's see together what actually makes sense to spend on a racket, what are the market cuts and how to prepare for a good purchase.

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Rackets 0>50 €

padel racket price

This is the padel racket cut that usually we don't even consider for our best product rankings.

This is due to a series of factors that make them not recommended except in very rare cases, which are more subjective and not objective.

We believe that it makes sense to buy them only if you want to try to play padel and you don't have any friends, acquaintances or places to borrow a racket.

In this case, throwing twenty Euros on a piece of plastic and then abandoning it if padel is not the ideal sport is fine, but if you like it, you end up wasting your money.

In this price range in fact, there are pieces of plastic that have no use or affinity with the padel, which will be abandoned very soon.

Added to this is the fact that they can help cause the tennis elbow or other types of inflammation which, once caught, are very difficult to cure.

For this reason we categorically advise against the purchase of equipment in this price range and, again for this reason, you will never find these rackets in our reviews.

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Rackets 50<100 €

padel racket price

For us, this is true low end of the market, which is certainly not professional equipment, but more than worthy to be used in the field.

In fact, we find carbon frames, fiberglass structures and EVA rubber interiors, everything you need for a good quality padel.

The padel racket at this price can accompany you throughout the learning period, but it goes even further in some cases.

It is not impossible to find some offers that bring a medium-level shovel to cost as much as an entry level one, so it is better to keep your eyes peeled.

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Rackets 100<200

Used padel rackets

This is the mid-range of the market, which obviously doesn't end exactly at €199 as there are products that sometimes break the limits upwards or downwards, but it helps to understand.

We denote this as the price beyond which, for the average or even expert player who plays with friends, it makes no sense to spend.

Here you will find top quality carbon structures, faces in graphene or carbon, very high quality EVA rubber and a very high level all-round.

Something is missing? No, at least for those who have a passion for the padel and don't feel the need to have the absolute top model, but this is a personal choice.

We perfectly understand the amateur who wants to indulge himself and buys a 350 Euro racket even if he doesn't compete, we certainly don't want to criticize.

The point is that you can play very well for a lifetime with a racket worth >200 € without ever feeling tight, then it doesn't mean you can't want more.

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Rackets 200+ €


This is the high end of the market which, albeit with exceptions, is to be considered the non plus ultra as a padel racket, both in terms of technique and price.

Obviously an Adidas Metalbone it's not like one Babolat TechnicalVeron, there is still a big gap between the two, but it doesn't matter.

We don't mean that every racket within the range is essentially the same, but we do talk behind the logic of the expense.

Everything above 200 Euros usually has technical gems which, in matches between friends, are not really relevant.

This does not mean that they still manage to give the user an above average satisfaction and pleasure in playing padel, as the price suggests.

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Conclusions, which padel racket to choose?

If you are a beginner, then we suggest you spend between 50 and 100 Euros, so that you can choose from rackets that are quality at a sensible price.

These will be able to accompany you for your first months or even years in padel, helping you to grow and improve your fundamentals.

Once you reach a certain level where you are above medium then move up to a racket in the 100-200 range it is the best choice.

Nobody forbids you to start with a shovel from the intermediate level, which will accompany you for much longer, it all depends on your budget.

Finally, when you do the switching to pro or when you want to indulge yourself with some nice personal whim, aiming for the high end of the market will certainly be an option that you can't get out of your head!