Since more and more frequently we find requests for advice on a phantom padel Nike racket, it seems necessary to make a small clarification.

Although this brand has been in the world of padel for several years now with various types of shoes and accessories, does not manufacture any padel racket!

We perfectly understand that it can happen to get confused in a sector where there are the main sports brands competing with each other, but this is not in every field.

While it's true that Adidas, Asics, Nike, Babolat, and so on and so forth, churn out padel-related products on a daily basis, not everyone also creates a racket.

For instance Asics has stopped producing shovels for some time now, focusing on other niches where it was much more likely to succeed.

This because Nike like Asics are not famous for equipment such as rackets, especially for shoes, T-shirts or other types of generic sports products.

Of course, Asics padel shoes are excellent, but the rackets are products on which brands such as Head or Wilson have a history that gives them an abysmal technical and marketing advantage.

Competing today in a sector that has settled on a few big names is really difficult even if your name is Nike

So it is probable that they have preferred to stay on products in which they have a much greater grip on the consumer, as well as absolute technical knowledge.

Alternatives to Nike Padel rackets

Given that you will not be able to show up to play your next match with a Nike padel racket, Now let's look at some viable alternative solutions.

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