There padel Kukima racket it is the one that, generally, can be found at Decathlon at rather low prices, in full style of this sports wholesaler.

However, what is interesting to understand is how much these blades actually deserve the customer's attention and, if so, which models.

In this article we will examine the technical aspects of Kukima rackets, trying to understand which ones are actually worth buying.

Let's see together if it is really possible to spend 20 euros to play padel or if you need to allocate a slightly higher budget.

Cheap Padel Rackets?

padel racket price

We at Racchettiamo are big fans of cheap padel rackets, but I don't think we understand it in the same way that the market does.

Always we tend not to recommend models that are below the price limit of 60/70 euros, because they are comparable to toys.

If we go and get a padel racket from Kukima though… Things don't change one iota, as they are poor products.

This is not meant to be offensive to Kukima herself, they know very well that they can't put advanced technology in a 20 euro product.

We say this as a warning to customers, who hope to be able to bring home a golden deal, only to find themselves with a shovel of the lowest quality.

Any extremely cheap product is usually just as bad. It is useless to delude oneself, business is certainly not done in this way.

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Why avoid cheap shovels?

custom padel racket

Buying padel blades for pennies is not only compromising in the game itself, but can also be extremely damaging to health.

Trying to be as clear as possible, padel rackets under 50 euros are structurally very bad, made of flexible materials and not suitable for the padel game.

Because all the best rackets have the carbon frame and EVA rubber inside them? The first to give structural stiffness, otherwise the blade will deform in the stroke phase, reducing the strength of the ball.

The second because it has fantastic qualities, returning the right feeling and ensuring elasticity to the surface of the racket.

What's in a 20 euro shovel? Certainly not carbon or professional rubber, but some inefficient and not very durable substitute.

Going to play with this tool means you end up spending a lot more energy on hits, learning to handle an instrument that is completely different from the one you will use in the future after the racket change.

To this must be added the risk of incurring in epicondylitis, also called tennis elbow, which can lead to having to hang the shovel on a nail.

In short, for your physical well-being and for your technique in padel, avoid all the too cheap rackets, as well as the Kukima ones of the first price.

The only case in which it makes sense to focus on a very cheap shovel, is for the sole whim of trying the padel to see if it is a sport for you.

In this case, spending € 20 instead of € 70 seems the most logical choice, but here too we want to make a small clarification.

Starting with a bad tool could give you an unpleasant feeling of the game like a quality racket, making you lose your desire very soon.

To this it must be added that a good shovel can always be resold, while one that is worth nothing will hardly find buyers.

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Best Kukima Padel Rackets

After these dire premises, however, we want to clarify that we appreciate some of the padel Kukima rackets, as they reflect our quality standards.

Below we will list the best ones, which deserve your attention during the purchase phase.


padel Kukima PR 560 racket

padel kuikma racket

There Pr 560 it is the first price that we feel we can take into consideration for all players who want to start this sport without spending a lot.

Its interior is in EVA rubber and features carbon parts, with good rigidity in the field and durability over time.

Its form is a tear (explanation here), with an intermediate balance that adapts to the style of all players.


padel PR 990 racket

padel kuikma racket

The racket from padel Kukima top of the range, also used by professional player Maxi Sanchez (or at least a version with the same livery).

Available in different formats, some more aggressive while others more devoted to control, in general we can define ourselves more than satisfied with its technical level.

Of course it is not comparable to an Adidas Metalbone or other top-notch shovels, but the price doesn't even try to make us believe otherwise.

A racquet that is good for starters and also for intermediate players looking for the minimum expense and the maximum yield.

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If you are interested in a padel Kukima racket, then you will be happy to know that there are some models that deserve your attention.

Although it is a brand that does not, at the moment, have the ambition to aim for the high end of the market, it still manages to satisfy the customer.

We do not recommend jumping on the very first prices but, for the most performing models, it is right to say the words of merit that this brand has earned.