There padel racket Kombat it is one of the reasonably priced models that offer great value for money for those who don't want the “usual racket” of brands like Adidas or Head.

Add to this the fact that, as materials used, we are well above the average of products that are placed at the same price level.

So Kombat racquets are the ultimate models for anyone who wants a champion's tool at a sale price? This we will find out in the article!

So, to try to understand if these padel Kombat rackets are good or not and which models to choose, let's jump into the fray!

Shovels Padel Kombat: the materials

padel kombat racket

Let's start with one of the most important points of all, that is the materials that make up these blades really beautiful and that make many heads spin.

Taking any technical data sheet, you immediately realize that every single aspect of these blades is really at the top, from the frame to the rubber inside.

In fact, with a cost of around 100 euros, you have a carbon frame, a face made of carbon or other fine materials and an EVA rubber interior.

In short, if you take a racket of some famous brand that costs like these, it is absolutely impossible to find a product of such high quality.

On the contrary! There are some rackets that cost less and have similar characteristics (such as those of Kukima), but you can't find anything in the Head or the Babolat without adding about fifty euros.

Therefore Are these Kombat rackets the ultimate solution for those looking for the best product to play padel and spend little?

To decree this it is necessary to examine them a little better, going deeper into the maze of this product.

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Padel Kombat Rackets: Opinions


We get personal here, so it means any other person may very well disagree with us but, if you're reading us, it means you want to know what we think.

Well, these rackets are good and worth the price you are paying them, but they are not the deal of a lifetime that might seem like looking at the technical specifications.

This because? For the simple fact that any product that focuses on technical features but has a relatively low price is probably giving up something else.

If we think of an economic car and a luxury car, we will be able to find two models with very different prices without too many problems which, however, specific to the hand, seem similar.

So why are there thousands or tens of thousands of euros in difference? For the simple fact that the luxury model has engineers and production processes that are superior to the economic one.

Of course, in the final price there is also a substantial slice of coat of arms given by the name that the luxury brand puts on the product, but it's not just crap.

Same thing here because, if we take a Metalbone or any 300 euro racket which however has similar technical characteristics, you will immediately notice the difference.

Here we are not talking about top rackets that are sold at a sale price, but shovels that are for beginners / intermediates and cost what they are worth.

The materials are good, you play really well with them, but what a top shovel offers is infinitely superior to what a Kombat can give.

There is no secret or shame about this, Kombat knows that its padel rackets do not want to compete with the top models, but to be considered for the consumer market.

So, to conclude, we recommend purchasing these shovels for casual gamers while, for the pros, it is better to stay on models that cost and make more.

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Padel Kombat Rackets: Which One To Choose


Kombat's padel racquet models are quite particular, as they all cost the same price or 99 euros.

This makes the choice of one product rather than another a mere personal factor since, on balance, they are really similar to each other.

Of course, there are those round, to drop oa diamond (at the links the explanations), but these are technical details that do not change the substance and that determine the choice from a purely subjective point of view.

The style is similar, pure materials and quality also so go and try them for yourself or choose the one you prefer based on the color because, on balance, the difference between the various models is minimal.

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The Kombat padel racket is great for the price it costs, but it is also right to curb a little the enthusiasm that the technical data sheets can create.

Yes, these models have really top materials, but it does not mean that they can replace the most famous models with a cost of 1/3.

We recommend the purchase of these shovels to those looking for something different and want a model that will last over time, so don't worry if you see yourself in this description.