If you are looking for one Dunlop padel racket, stop and read this article because we have put together the best of this brand.

Dunlop is certainly one of those most innovative companies in the sector, capable of bringing out original solutions with mixed results.

When they are good, they really make a positive difference but, sometimes, it also happens that they turn out to be more problematic than anything else.

For this reason, we consider Dunlop to be a very good brand but we cannot recommend every single model, only a smaller circle.

Dunlop, Bundle Elite + Pro Padel
Dunlop, Galactica Pro (Juani ...
Dunlop, Bundle Elite + Pro Padel
Dunlop, Galactica Pro (Juani ...
Dunlop, Bundle Elite + Pro Padel
Dunlop, Bundle Elite + Pro Padel
Dunlop, Galactica Pro (Juani ...
Dunlop, Galactica Pro (Juani ...

Best Dunlop Padel Rackets

padel dunlop racket

Let's check how are Dunlop rackets, trying to collect only and only the best ever.

Dunlop Skin Control Soft + Siux Padel Racket Case

The first model we want to propose is, of course, a very first price for beginners looking for a soft and cheap shovel.

This one in particular has a really delicate touch, able to forgive the exuberance of inexperienced players in search of the shot of glory.

We are faced with a shovel that incorporates carbon fiber in the frame, with the EVA rubber inside and that comes free with a Siux paddle bag.

Its form is a tear, which we talked about in this article while, if you are looking for the best teardrop rackets, you can find them here.

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Dunlop - padel Infinity Pro Racket

The Infinity Pro is another racquet that we could place in the beginner bracket as a price, even if it is more advanced than the previous one and is designed for intermediates.

In truth, in fact, it is a model that originally had a much higher price, then going down over time.

Inside it has this Dunlop balancing gel, which we have already found in other models and not always drove us crazy.

In this racquet however, we have to admit that it works really great and manages to keep the racquet all the time light and handy like a feather. To know more about the Infinity Pro, you can read our review.

Dunlop Infinity Pro Silver...
  • Spectacular Dunlop Infinity Pro Black shovel with a shocking design that combines...
  • Dunlop high-end racquet, for advanced and professional level but what a thank you ...
  • Single mold of oversize shape with flat profile to expand the hit area and ...


Dunlop Inferno Elite

A racket that left us undecided about the verdict to give it, as it divided our editorial staff during the review phase.

It has really great power, capable of reacting to blows by generating incredible speed, but this is not always a good thing.

Power without control is nothing and, this racket, it lacks precisely on the aspect of docility, practically absent.

For the price it costs, it's worth taking it into consideration if you are experienced players, capable of taming it because, for a novice, it is almost unusable. If you want to know more, read our review.

Dunlop Padel racket Inferno...
  • Spectacular design of the Dunlop super sale with Core Super Flex rubber that...
  • Shovel of enormous power and excellent control, now new in matt black and details in...
  • Oversized hybrid shape mold with flat profile to expand the hitting area and...


Dunlop Blitz Elite

We go down a level (at least in theory) compared to the Inferno Elite, passing to a racket designed for everyone, from the professional to the beginner.

Its shape roundabout (here for explanation) with some slight modifications, combined with very elastic materials, make it incredibly malleable.

The surface is rough (if you are looking for others rough snowshoes can be found here), which allows you to give a spin to the ball high level.

In short, docile and technical, ideal for the beginner but also for the expert who wants to play fine. If you want to know more, you can see ours review.


padel Dunlop, Aero-Star Pro racket

Moving on to the top-of-the-range models, we can only start with Aero-Star Pro, a racket used by the player Ramiro Moyano.

Power, thanks to diamond shape (here the explanation) it is definitely her forte, although she is also fairly accurate.

A racquet that is also important in weight, which helps limit vibrations (almost absent) but that could strain the arm.

Surely a tool of the highest level, capable of satisfying the experienced player during every phase of the game.

Dunlop, Aero-Star Pro (Ramiro ...
  • Dunlop, Aero-Star Pro (Ramiro Moyano), Padel Racket, Black/Red, U,...


Dunlop Galactica Pro

Another Dunlop padel racquet for professionals, this time used by the player Juani Mieres, which you can see from the first glance.

Its total black look and the solidity it transmits in your hand immediately make it clear that you are in the presence of a superior product.

Less powerful than the previous one, it is a balanced shovel that is equally divided between attack and defense.

The teardrop shape testifies to its versatility, which makes it an excellent choice for any player, without creating real difficulties in taming it.

If you are looking for the best padel rackets ever or your neighbor clothing from padel, you can read our articles.

Dunlop, Galactica Pro (Juani ...
  • Series: Pro.
  • Head shape: hybrid
  • Weight (G): 370. Thickness / Profile (mm): 38mm



Did you find the Dunlop padel racket you were looking for? We hope we have been able to give you the right overview of this interesting world.

We are very happy to find brands like Dunlop in the world of padel, capable of bringing interesting and exciting news to the plate.

Perhaps not all of them will be recommended but, if you limit yourself to successes, you can bring home an innovative racket that is capable of giving unique sensations.