Where can you find a good one custom padel racket nowadays? A more than common desire for anyone looking for a unique style on the pitch.

The truth is that, although until recently it was utopian to think of finding it, with the explosion of padel in Italy, things have become a little simpler.

Sites predisposed to this type of treatment have begun to pop up left and right, giving life to small sports art works.

In this article we will go to see the best sites for custom padel rackets, trying to offer you a range of first-rate possibilities.

custom padel racket

Personalized Padel Rackets: Premises

The reasons for choosing a custom padel racket can be many, all equally valid and personal.

You may want one matte rather than glossy finish, a drawing made by own hand, or go into the technical to create a product impossible to find in the classic market.

In fact, among the producers of this type of blades, there is really a bit of everything, ranging from the choice of a few simple details to the materials that compose it.

Before starting, however, it is necessary to make some necessary introductions to warn you of the possible risks that this operation entails.


The quality of the racket

An unknown factor that is certainly among the biggest during this type of operation is the quality of the shovel you are going to buy.

In fact, these artisans put up for sale neutral models of certainly not popular brands, which leaves a lot of room for doubt.

Always be very careful not to pay an exaggerated surcharge just for a few images on the racket, and then find yourself a very expensive tool that is worth a tenth of what you paid.

This is especially true for those who allow you to change graphics on a fixed basis, less so if the structure itself is customizable.

If you want to know how to choose a padel racket, you can read our guide.


The price

Of course, for those looking for this type of job, it is well known that there will be a surcharge that has nothing to do with the technique of the tool.

But what is needed keep an eye out is that you are not overpaying a very small job, perhaps taking advantage of the fact of being the only one to do it.

It is not difficult to find companies that modify rackets at absolutely insane prices, which do not really make sense to exist.

Do you want to know the fair price of a padel racket? We explain it here.

Best Custom Padel Rackets Sites

droma sport

Let's go now to see which are the best sites that make customizations on padel rackets at an honest price.


Droma sport

Dromasport.com is the first site to get a custom padel racket at a fairly low price.

Basically they offer the option to go to decide the graphics that are on the face, the color of the border and the type of grip that will be applied on the handle.

The rackets are fairly classic mid-range, with the option to choose between the three main forms such as roundabout, drop And diamond (at the links the explanations).

An interesting thing is the possibility to bring your own racket for customization, which leaves you the choice to buy a more "reliable" tool in the technical sense of the term.

Of course, maybe once you have bought a Head racket it might be a shame to immediately change its characteristics, but on balance the best result is this.


Sport team

The second site that I propose to you is Equipersport.it which is much more basic than the previous one, but ideal if you want to save some money and just want a graphic work.

They offer two models of racquet, the teardrop and diamond ones, which have quite good characteristics even going to see the final price.

Here you upload 2 images for the two sides and insert two written directly from the site, they will then send the preview of the work via WhatsApp.

Maybe not too elaborate but, in some cases, the simplicity and immediacy can be fascinating.


Rage Custom

Ragecustom.com offers the deepest (and most expensive) modifications you will ever encounter, so much so that it also affects the materials of the racket.

In fact, beyond the simple color and any aesthetic additions, you will have the possibility to go and decide the internal foam, the strengthening of the upper part and even the length of the handle.

Not only that, thanks to a special regulator, you also have the option for decide the weight of the same with a click of 5 grams in 5 grams.

Obviously some of these changes are very expensive, but if you are looking for the ultimate in customization, then you are definitely in the right place.

Although it may seem very expensive, if you do not go to add particularly expensive accessories, you will still be able to stay in line with the price of the other sites.

If you are looking for the best padel rackets ever or your neighbor clothing or padel shoesyou can find them at these links.


These are the best sites you can come across to get one padel racket customized down to the smallest detail, so you just have to make your choice.

Do you prefer just a nice graphic work or do you love the detail and go and choose every aspect of your new, beautiful shovel in a meticulous way?

We are very undecided on what to do, perhaps we would choose to customize one of some famous brand, but this without detracting from those offered by these sites.