There padel Asics racket it has now become a real rarity on the market, as the manufacturer has stopped creating this type of tool for some years.

That's right, Asics no longer sells padel rackets on its website, although its possible to meet the models on some second-rate online store.

This is a real shame but, on the other hand, it has allowed the brand to focus on shoes, an accessory in which it dominates the market together with a handful of other brands.

But in case you want an Asics shovel at all costs, let's go and see the models that can still be found around sifting through the various stores.

Asics Padel Rackets Available

These are the rackets we were able to find during our research but, when you look at it, things could be very different.

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Asics Control Soft

padel asics racket

A control-friendly shovel that caters to mid-range of the market, purchasable today at a discount price and to be considered as a great deal.

Are you a player who prefers precise shots and reasoned play? Then this is definitely the model for you, as it is really super soft.

The structure is in carbon while the surface in fiberglass, in line with all its competitors in the same price range.

The shape is roundabout (here the explanation) as being doomed to control would suggest. A model that is great for all levels of play.

Asics Control Balance Padel

padel asics racket

An "extreme" version compared to the one seen just a few lines ago, in fact it takes its sweetness and the ability to control the ball to an even higher level.

The flexibility of the surface is in fact greater, which helps to return even softer and more graceful hits, but obviously sacrifices power.

In general, it is not a racket for everyone as it was created for the medium / high end of the market, but that can really give you great joys.

We recommend this racket only to those who really know they want to bet on tactical play, not for those who just want a generic Asics racket.

Asics Speed Balance

padel asics racket

This model, although it is very similar to the previous ones in terms of aesthetics, on balance changes its essence a lot by bringing out a certain "energy".

In fact, this padel Asics racket not only focuses on technique but also tries to generate speed and power in the ball, creating a much more balanced hybrid.

Nowadays, for a generic player without a specific style, Speed Balance is certainly the best choice to make.

This shaped shovel diamond (here the explanation) it is not "bad" like many others of the same form and manages to get along well in any game situation.

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Why Buy an Asics padel Racket (and why not)

Nowadays, buying a padel racket from this manufacturer makes sense, but they may not have them for long (assuming you can find them).

The Asics shovels for sale are in fact stock funds, remained unsold and often end up enjoying substantial balances that lower the price even a lot.

This makes them great opportunities for all players looking for business, who however will have to sift through the various sites carefully trying to find a reliable one.

Difficult undertaking? Not much in truth, Google he can do his job well so it may take no more than a few minutes.

Therefore does it make sense to buy this product today? Absolutely yes, the rackets are of excellent quality and still absolutely current when compared to many others.

Instead, what should be avoided is buying them used from a friend (they could be particularly old), or taking home “new” models but from generations prior to the last one.

Difficult to find something very old in an online store but, come on eBay or in any case as private individuals, it is certainly possible to come across something very ancient.

Asics made great rackets but this shouldn't lead to blind buying, verifying the technologies used, the year of production and other similar factors is a must.

Finding yourself with an old shovel before even starting to play, perhaps having spent a hundred euros on it, could be a rather big and difficult disappointment to bear.

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Asics padel rackets are nowadays a rather rare commodity and certainly not easy to find, although it is certainly not impossible to come across one of them.

If you find a recent model that hasn't been used yet, then a discounted price could really push you to buy of a tool no longer in production.

However, if you go into the second-hand market or if you go further back in time, then it's better to let it go and jump on much newer and more performing rackets, leaving this manufacturer aside.