There padel Artengo racket it is a product that can usually be found in Decathlon at very low prices and which appear very convenient.

In fact, by examining the entire catalogue, it is not possible to find a single model that exceeds or is close to a hundred euros.

For this reason we can safely define the brand as a very first price that wants to offer absolute novices an instrument at a low price.

But the question we want to answer today is whether or not this Artengo racket is right to be bought by any player. Let's find out.

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Is the Pala Padel Artengo Good?

Let's start immediately by saying that we at Racchettiamo, generally, we do not recommend the too cheap padel rackets for various reasons.

The first is certainly dictated by the questionable quality of the materials, which not only creates structural but also technical problems.

A 20 euro racket cannot be made of carbon fibre, the standard material for tubular construction, would be too expensive.

Most likely, gods are used substitute materials of very poor quality, which are not able to give the racket the stiffness it needs.

Moving on to the face, here too we find ourselves having to use some soft plastic, which will never return an acceptable ball exit.

The internal part which should usually be rubber, sacrifices are made here too and we move on to other solutions of dubious quality.

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What does this mean in terms of gameplay?

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The question that a novice player asks himself is “what these differences mean” and whether or not he will be able to feel those differences racket in hand.

Generally no… At least for the first 10 or 15 strokes, but after that an absolutely glaring and unbridgeable technical gap begins to make itself felt.

Vibrations, low power, bad stiffness, excessive lightness of the racket from padel (Artengo or any other), these are all problems that will make themselves felt very soon.

This not only in the response phase, but also when you go home after the game and accuse each other pains of various kinds to the arm.

Apparently they can be thought to be due to poor technique and incorrect arm movement, which is true in some cases.

But, to this, we must add the fact that we end up with a shovel that it has every chance of causing nerve and tendon inflammation.

This kind of problem is called epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, which can occur regardless of the racket but which certainly does not find a precious ally in a 20 euro shovel.

For this reason we categorically advise against going and buying this type of tool for medium or intensive use.

If you go to the practice match once every month without any technical pretension or if you want to try the padel without spending for a tool you're not sure you're using, then it's fine.

For everything else, it is better to go for models that we indicate as low-end, or those ranging from 60/70 euros up to a hundred.

The gap is quite large but it is better to spend more money once and well than to make 10 useless purchases which, added up, cost twice as much as a poor product.

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The Best Artengo Padel Rackets

With this article we absolutely do not want to discredit Artengo, which has some good padel rackets in its inventory, indeed!

They know perfectly well that a 20 euro shovel is not a product born for intensive padel and they absolutely do not try to deceive the customer into believing it.

The customer himself must be wise enough to understand that such a price cannot represent a greedy bargain, but it is the son of very big compromises.

So, below, we are going to talk about the Artego rackets we like and that we would like to recommend in compliance with our standards for the low-end market.

810 Opfeel

padel artengo racket

A good racket to start, what we understand as the minimum wage in terms of quality, but the price is really great.

With a handful of coins you take home a model that will be more than sufficient for the learning phase, this includes a time frame between six months and a year.

To this are then added the version devoted to power and that to control, which are found at an identical figure and change only in a few details.

950P Opfeel

padel artengo racket

Still on the same level as the previous one, this one though focus more on power than on control, which some may not like.

In reality, taken in hand the difference is not so marked, so we no longer feel like defining it as a niche.

820 Opfeel Balance

padel artengo racket

A racket that we would like to define as a good quality level, which deserves to be taken into consideration even for a longer period of time.

Very balanced in its characteristics and behavior on the field (it's not called Balance for nothing) it has everything you need for a brilliant game.

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Now you know what are the reasons that can push you or not towards buying one padel Artengo racket, so you have no more excuses.

Once again we would like to renew the invitation not to choose only by thinking with your wallet, because it really doesn't make sense.

A purchase made on the cheap today could lead to getting tired or literally hating the padel in a short time, so it's better to invest a little more.