Hello everyone, today we are here to review the padel Adidas Raxper racket. We had the opportunity to try it and we want to share our opinion about this product with you.

In this review, we will try to understand who this racket is best suited for and evaluate its performance, design and quality of materials.

If you are looking for a new padel racket and want to know more about the Adidas Raxper, keep reading!

Adidas Raxper padel racket

adidas raxper padel racket

These are our opinions on the Adidas Raxper, a padel racket that has been able to leave its mark in its own way, but we couldn't recommend it to everyone. No more spoilers, let's dive into the full review to understand whether or not this shovel is right for you.


The materials

There Adidas Raxper it's a Mid-range padel racket which uses high-quality materials to provide a comfortable and efficient playing experience. The frame is made in reinforced carbon, a resistant and light material that should give the racket the right stiffness and stability, guaranteeing excellent precision in shots. The core is made of soft performance EVA, a technological material based on foam rubber that offers great elasticity and good shock absorption capacity. This is to ensure a comfortable gaming experience as well minimizes negative vibrations on the arm.

There racket surface is fiberglass, a strong and durable material that allows you to play with spin and precision. The fiberglass, in fact, gives the surface of the racket a smooth and uniform finish which improves the precision of the shots, making them faster and more precise.

In general, the choice of these materials is perfectly average for a mid-range padel racket, but the fact remains that they are of high quality. The combination of these materials offers good stability, a comfortable playing experience and greater accuracy in hitting.



There diamond shape The Adidas Raxper padel racket is characterized by its special weight distribution. Thanks to the more elongated shape at the top, the weight comes more concentrated in the head of the racket. This allows you to generate more power on your shots, especially on attacking shots like the smash.

However, the diamond shape of the racket may be less suitable for players looking for greater maneuverability and control over the ball, as the forward weight may make it more difficult to manage the racket on more precise shots.

In any case, it will be the field test to establish whether the diamond shape of the Adidas Raxper it turns out to be really effective and suitable for your style of play.


How it goes on the pitch

During our racket test Adidas Raxper, we have found that this shovel is extremely powerful and ideal for those who want to embarrass the opponent with lightning attacks. However, its potency should be used with caution and only if you have the right control. It is important to know how to manage the strength of the racket otherwise you risk sending many balls out of bounds.

Furthermore, the diamond shape of the racket is felt on the court, concentrating its weight in the head for greater power. However, this makes the shovel difficult to tame and unwieldy, especially for those who are new to this sport. Despite this, the racket is not entirely inflexible and allows you to correct your mistakes, even if it is not very forgiving.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a racket powerful and you're willing to sacrifice some handling, the Adidas Raxper could be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for a more balanced racket, perhaps to start playing padel, it might be better to opt for other models.

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In conclusion, we have seen how the Adidas Raxper is a padel padel racket with a diamond design, which concentrates the weight in the head and aims for power. However, we've also found that there is a lot of confusion about racket shapes on the web, with some sites claiming it's round or teardrop shaped. So, it is important not to be fooled by incorrect information and to refer to the manufacturer's technical specifications.

Furthermore, during the field test, we noticed that the Raxper is a very powerful racket, which allows you to attack and corner the opponent with the right amount of control. However, we must point out that this shovel is difficult to tame, not very forgiving and has limited handling. Hence, it is definitely a suitable choice for experienced players looking for maximum power on the court.

So let's not get confused by wrong information and choose the right racket according to our game needs and experience level. The Adidas Raxper is certainly a padel racket to consider for players looking for power, but one must be prepared to handle its difficulty of use.