Every day we hear news of new friends going to play padel, but what is this sport? Why is it suddenly so popular?

Although it is in fact booming, most people actually have no idea what padel really is.

We at Racchettiamo have decided to answer the most classic questions of novices and onlookers, who want to know more about it.

In this article we will see what this sport is, what it takes to get started, how long it takes to learn and other typical questions.

What is Padel, How to Play?

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The most classic question from those hearing about padel for the first time is, rightly, what it is and what the dynamics are.

Well you must know that padel is nothing more than a variant of the tennis with a little bit of squash inside.

It would be a bit simplistic perhaps to summarize it like this, but it gives a fairly good idea of the origin of the main dynamics of padel.

In fact the score and the appearance of the court is the same as tennis, but with some differences.

In fact, in padel there is no field boundary line, as The outside does not exist.

But how is this possible? Simply because the padel has some glass or metal walls to surround the whole field, instead of what should be the lines of the outside.

This is because, during exchanges and also in joke (albeit with some limitations), the ball can touch the walls and continue to be playable.

If the ball is sent to the other side of the net, it touches the court and then lands on the wall, then it can be replayed by the opponent.

It is not allowed to hit and send directly to the wall, to play on your own walls (apart from the back wall) and to send the ball to the metal part of the wall during the serve.

Maybe this answer isn't enough to make you understand how to play padel, but you can read our articles on how to play padel and on padel rules for more details.

What do you need to start playing padel?


The answer is very simple, you need one racket, a pair of sneakers and the desire to jump in a new sport.

Too generic? So let's be a little more precise. The tool you just can't give up is obviously the padel racket.

A model that can be considered valid starts from around 80 euros, up to over 300 or 400 professional models.

There are rare exceptions in which, rackets under 70 euros, manage to provide satisfactory performance, as for the Head Evo Sanyo or the Head Flash, but these are quite rare cases.

Head Unisex Padel Racket,...
  • Soft foam paddle
  • More comfortable and powerful
  • A model with a new shape

Head Flash iced, Flash Iced Grey...
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  • Technology: Innegra
  • Weight: 360 g

To stay on the generic side, 80 euros is the safety threshold beyond which it would be better not to go down so as not to end up with toys.

If you want the best beginner's rackets, The best under 100 euros or le best ever, you can read our articles.

In addition to this there are the padel shoes, which are designed specifically for this sport and, generally, more resistant than the others.

They don't have crazy prices, start at 50/60 euros for excellent models such as the Asisc Gel Padel Pro 5, so we recommend the purchase.

ASICS Gel Padel PRO 5 Nero Rosso...
  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology midsole
  • GEL technology
  • Flexibility and comfort

You can play with the classic generic sneakers, nobody forbids it, but they are generally more fragile and with a softer structure, offering less support to the foot.

If you want to know the best shoes Asics, Babolat, Nike, the best from man or from woman, then you can read our articles.

How long does it take to Learn to play Padel?


The classic question that every player has heard at least once from some new potential player, curious to know an estimate on the time to invest to start.

Well the padel is no easier or harder than many other sports, although there are some dynamics that make it more accessible to everyone and able to give more satisfaction at the beginning.

First of all, the small court and the fact that you play in 2, means that you run relatively less than tennis, with more attention to the position on the court.

Even those in poor physical shape can still give faster players a hard time and fast if you learn to play cunning and keep your place well.

Added to this is that, although it takes a lot to play it at a high level, even those who have never played can still receive more satisfaction than from tennis.

You get the feeling that, even if you don't know how to do much, you still manage to combine “something” with a bit of commitment, something that doesn't happen in other sports.

In any case, a reasonable time to go from beginner to intermediate is 3 to 6 months, depending on the learning speed.

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Playing padel is fun and satisfying, it does not require large expenses to start and it is a sport on the launch pad on the national territory, so what are you waiting for?

You could discover a new dimension that belongs to you by finding a sport that is your friend and offers a lot of fun and, who knows, professional perspectives.

In Italy there are still relatively few professionals, leaving room for new talents to enter even the highest levels.