If you are looking for where to play padel Legnano, then our article could really be for you.

Below we have put together the contacts, addresses and websites of the main sites for playing padel in this city, trying to give you some valid alternatives.

By reading our lines, you may learn about some new center that you don't know yet, or convince yourself to give a chance to a place you were snubbing.

For this reason, make yourself comfortable and give us just those 5 minutes to list all the information that a padel player in the area absolutely must know.

Where to play padel in Legnano


These are the main centers in the city, so take a look for yourself if you are looking for a new place to play.


Starpadel Legnano

Definitely the best center in the area in terms of size and the service offered, with well 5 covered padel courts, two uncovered and one for the padel single.

It is located in via San Michele del Carso 23, Legnano (MI), 20025, contactable at the number +39 340 234 2891 also via WhatsApp.

If you prefer to write an email, you can send it to svo@starpadel.it or use the contact form found on their website official site.

If you want to book a field instead, you can do it through This Page.


Padel Island

First, we must immediately premise that this center is not actually located in Legnano, but in Busto Arsizio (which is 15 minutes by car).

Maybe it's not exactly what you're looking for, but given the proximity and relevance of the centre, we decided to include it anyway.

This center has two latest generation padel courts, with the possibility of becoming covered or uncovered as needed.

The center is located in Via G. Romagnosi, 5 21052 Busto Arsizio (Va) and you can contact him by calling him +39 345.93.77.956 (or writing on WhatsApp).

If you prefer to write an email, you can send it to info@islandfunvillage.it or by filling out the contact form on their Web page.


Play Sport Village

Here too we find ourselves talking about a padel center which is not located in Legnano, but rather in Bust Garnolfo which is 15 minutes by car.

Here you can find 7 indoor padel courts as well as a series of other courts and sports activities of all kinds.

Located in Viale dell'Industria, 2/C 20020 Busto Garolfo (MI), to contact the center you can call the 331 1487768 or write an email to info@playsportvillage.it.

Alternatively you can go directly to the Web page for more information.


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