Padel women, a section that is growing as much and perhaps more than the male counterpart, although the latter is on the launch pad.

But how are we placed in the current state of things? Do women in Italy play padel? In what proportion?

Also, for all those who tune in to this page, what would be the ideal advice to start playing at a good level?

Let's try to answer a few questions and take stock of the situation in our beautiful country. Let the game begin.

How many women play Padel?

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Let's start with the 1,000,000 dollar question, or what is the ratio between male and female players in Italy?

Well, according to some totally approximate data that we receive on the readers of our site, we can say that about one abundant 20% is female.

Obviously it is a value subject to many quotation marks, as it is not totally reliable and the result of variables that we will not take into consideration.

Said this, we can say that the situation for the fairer sex is undoubtedly more "backwards"., but full-bodied enough to give good prospects.

If we were talking about 95% men and 5% women then yes, we could say without a shadow of a doubt that padel in Italy is a male issue, but this is not the case.

We can't (at least for now) talk about an equal divide between the sexes, but such a goal may not be out of reach.

Men are more, but this sport is progressing faster among women, so big changes could come in the next few years.

As we have already written articles about how to play padel and on rules of this sportI'll leave you the links for further information.

Getting Started

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Now that you've read these lines and discovered that you're not alone, we want to give you some advice to start playing at your best.

The most trivial and obvious would be to suggest that you hire a teacher, able to make you learn the ABCs and then go on alone or continue with education.

But, trying not to fall into excessive banality, what we prefer to say first of all is find a group to play with that you feel “comfortable”.

Approaching a new sport, especially if you don't know the fundamentals, is absolutely not easy, so you need to do it in a comfortable environment.

If it's your first game, find friends with whom you won't feel awkward even if you can't even catch a ball :)

We've all been there, the first shots or the first matches if you move without any preparation are a real comic parade.

Balls flying into the stratosphere, awkward shots, awkward movements… In short, the usual thing you experience in any sport.

For this reason, laughing about it and not feeling judged by more experienced companions, will allow you to have a good first impression.

That said, good play equipment and appropriate clothing are equally beneficial for health and performance.

For this reason we leave you our articles on shoes, clothing And padel rackets for women, in case you want to take a look.

The best Italian padel players

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Even if you heard Noemi Bocchi padel, you must know that she is not a champion at all but simply a tabloid scoop.

When we talk about Italian padel players, our thoughts turn to the champions who have allowed us to achieve the best results in the history of the padel world championships.

Historical results have been the 4 place in 2014 and even the third in 2021, defeating Belgium for the last step of the podium.

Historical because, in a sport where places of honor have always been the prerogative of Argentina, Spain and another Latin American nation in rotation, seeing a tricolor on the podium is something incredible.

This confirms the excellent growth trend, which could one day lead us to undermine the two dominant nations with the next incoming levers (or the current ones, who knows).

Another point in favor of the fairer sex who, in the current state of things, has achieved greater honors than the male counterpart.

Hoping that things continue to evolve in this sense, we at Racchettiamo can only wish all the padelist all the success in the world.


Women in padel are advancing inexorably, eager to make their voice and strength count on the field.

The time doesn't seem to be ripe yet to be able to talk about numerical equality between the sexes but, if the wind continues to blow in this direction, it could soon happen.

This sport doesn't set limits for anyone so, if you haven't decided yet whether to throw yourself in or not, we suggest you grab your racket, book the court and go! You will not regret!