If you are looking for the padel shoes more suitable for playing this sport in the field near home, made of concrete, concrete or synthetic grass, you are in the right place!

In this article we will talk about the best shoes to play padel, analyzing the characteristics that this type of shoe must have, so that you can find the model that best suits your taste and your needs.

ASICS Gel-Padel PRO 5, Sneaker ...
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 CC, ...
Babolat Shoe Padel Jet PREMURA 2 ...
ASICS Gel-Padel PRO 5, Sneaker ...
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 CC, ...
Babolat Shoe Padel Jet PREMURA 2 ...
Suitable for
ASICS Gel-Padel PRO 5, Sneaker ...
ASICS Gel-Padel PRO 5, Sneaker ...
Suitable for
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 CC, ...
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 CC, ...
Suitable for
Babolat Shoe Padel Jet PREMURA 2 ...
Babolat Shoe Padel Jet PREMURA 2 ...
Suitable for

Why Choose Padel Shoes

If you've just gotten into this sport, you need to know that shoes and clothing from padel with which you will play are two key elements for a good game, but above all to prevent injuries and joint problems.

Whether to choose the right beginner's racket, intermediate or advanced it is important to avoid elbow inflammation, padel playing shoes not only allow faster changes of direction, but protect ankles and knees, minimizing the possibility of injuries and sprains.

Before choosing padel shoes, it is good to check that they are made with quality materials and that they are comfortable, so that your feet do not blister while wearing them.

In addition, according to experts and professionals, a padel shoe must be able to provide you with: a good grip on the court, for you to be able to move easily, a certain degree of slippage when you reach for the long balls and that allow you to make turns with extreme ease, to avoid damage to joints, ankles and knees.

Features And Quality

The padel shoes have several characteristics to consider, for which they differ from other shoes on the market designed for other sports.

In order for you to buy the best pair of padel shoes that best suit you and your feet, we recommend that you make sure that:

  • the shoe is comfortable, whatever movement you make;
  • the soles adhere good to the playing surface and, when necessary, that allow you to slide to make changes of direction;
  • envelop foot well, to prevent injuries and sprains.

The sole

Shoes for playing padel generally have a sole in gel and a midsole to ensure greater cushioning and a minior effort for the knees.

There are at least three types of sole, for the shoes of this sport:

  • omni: it is a dotted sole that, thanks to the arrangement, allows a certain level of stability and grip on the playing field, avoiding you slipping when chasing a ball. The omni sole is extremely versatile and is recommended for those who play on eroded or sand-free surfaces, but on the other hand it makes it difficult to slide to reach long balls;
  • herringbone: ideal for clay surfaces or for outdoor use. Generally, this type of sole is made with materials designed to last a long time and allows a better glide to reach the distant balls;
  • mixed: it is a combination of omni and herringbone sole, used in both tennis and padel. The dotted part is generally placed at the front, to provide greater grip on the ground, while in the rest of the sole there is the herringbone to facilitate sliding and to reach the fast balls.

If you are a novice or medium-low level padel player, we recommend shoes with omni soles with a specific grip, able to guarantee greater control and not excessive intensity in the first shots.

For intermediate players, in addition to grip, you will have to take into account the cushioning to absorb the shock waves suffered in the movements of increasing intensity.

Finally, for expert players, the perfect shoe, in addition to sealing and cushioning, must offer a certain resistance, so that you can take advantage of it during the many hours of training and playing.

Difference Between Tennis And Padel Shoes

The shoes from tennis differ from those used in padel mainly for the sole, since the fields of each sport are made with different materials; in padel the surface of the field must allow the ball to bounce continuously, while the tennis court does not have this feature and is made of grass, resin or clay.

Furthermore, the movements in the padel court compared to the tennis court are different; in padel we move more vertically and obliquely than horizontally, as happens in tennis.

The only similar parts between tennis shoes and padel are: the upper (possibly without seams) and the inner part, both made of resistant fabric, to give support to the foot and to resist abrasion.

The 10 Best Padel Shoes

Below is a list of the 10 best padel shoes on the market.



Asics Gel-Padel Pro 4

This Asics model is designed for the most competitive padel players, it guarantees high comfort, flexibility and support for all the time of matches and training.

The upper of these Asics Gel-Padel Pro 4 is designed with overlapping layers of synthetic leather and mesh inserts, to ensure greater air circulation and support where it is needed.

They are undoubtedly the best first price that can be found at the moment on the market, as they are robust and super comfortable. If you are looking for the best shoes from padel Asics, you can find them here.

ASICS Gel-Padel PRO 5, Sneaker ...
  • TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology midsole
  • GEL technology
  • Flexibility and comfort
ASICS Gel Padel PRO 5 Black Women's
  • Chiusura: gomma
  • Pelle: sintetica
  • 12,71259841223 pollici


Babolat Movea

Babolat Movea shoes were created specifically for the padel game due to the mixed sole.

It is a good product, accessible and made with high quality components, which allow excellent performance, good resistance, flexibility and adherence to the field.

They have an upper with mesh fabrics and textile covers, which offer excellent breathability, fit and comfort to the foot. The heel offers responsive cushioning, while the rubber sole, created specifically for playing padel, guarantees greater performance, as well as grip and long life. If you are looking for the best Babolat shoes, you can find them here.

Shoes Babolat Padel tennis MOVEA ...
3 Reviews
Shoes Babolat Padel tennis MOVEA ...
  • Design ultraleggero per movimenti rapidi e stabili.
  • Ottima vestibilità e ventilazione grazie alla rete e ai materiali sintetici.
  • Suola in gomma Michelin per presa e durata.


Sanyo Head Sprint Pro 3.5

The Head Sprint Pro 3.5 are the official shoes of Sanyo Gutierrez, Argentine padel player.
They are the lightest shoes of the Sanyo brand and allow the player to move in total freedom.

The mesh material gives lightness and breathability, while the sock structure makes the shoes extremely comfortable and comfortable both to wear and to wear while playing.

The heel is reinforced with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) guarantees a good stability of the foot even in the most difficult fields.

The herringbone sole is specific for clay courts.



K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2

The Hypercourt Express 2 are shoes designed primarily for tennis, but versatile enough to also be good for the padel game. They feature a herringbone rubber sole, designed to be flexible and to last long.

The upper is made with a seamless synthetic leather layer, which covers a breathable mesh base for greater lightness, comfort and ventilation.

The most peculiar detail of this K-Swiss model is the Ortholite x40 insole: it is an insole made of open cell foam, which makes it highly breathable and with excellent moisture management, to keep your feet cooler and drier. In addition to comfort, it offers cushioning and high rebound properties with an index of elasticity higher than 40%.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 HB, ...
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Fabric collar lining
  • Rubber sole
K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2, ...
  • AÖSTA 7.0: The special rubber blend of the high-density outsole offers ...
  • Heel Grip Lining: realizzato in fibre ad incastro che tengono saldamente la calza per...
  • Durawrap flex: un materiale durevole, ma molto leggero che offre una protezione...


Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 CC

This model by Mizuno is mainly designed for tennis; it is a shoe with a herringbone sole, light, fast, stable and weighs only 330gr (in size 42).

The Wave Exceed Tour 5 CC model guarantees a lightweight construction with a diagonal groove in the central area of the sole, called D-flex Groove, which allows you to turn at maximum speed and power. It is designed for experienced players who want to be fast on the pitch.

The main advantages of this model:

  • Comfort: the upper in diamond-cast polyurethane with a dense knit, gives stability and softness;
  • Fit: the new last offers a unique fit, especially in the heel and midfoot area, thanks also to the D-flex Groove;
  • Grip: sole with resistant and durable rubber parts.
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 CC, ...
  • Tennis shoes ideal for men's tennis
  • Mizuno sports shoes
  • WAVE EXCEED TOUR 5 CC tennis shoes (61 GC2274)
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour4 CC, Shoes ...
  • Outer material: fabric
  • Inner material: textile
  • Sole: rubber


Adidas Barricade

The Adidas Barricade are high-level shoes designed for those looking for maximum comfort and thrust.

They are extremely light, they never make you sweat more than you should and have a truly exceptional wear resistance.

In short, certainly among the best padel or tennis shoes in circulation. If you are looking for the best shoes from padel Adidas, you can find them in our article.

adidas Barricade M Clay, Shoes ...
  • Ideal tennis shoes for men's trainers
  • Adidas sports shoes
  • Barricade M Clay (H02047)
adidas Barricade W, Sneakers ...
  • Bounce midsole
  • Intuitive lacing system
  • Mesh upper with Adituff toe


Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4.0

The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4.0 they are a model with a light and resistant design, have an upper made with a system of intertwined fibers that offer support, flexibility, lightness and durability.

The midsole with reactive cushioning promotes acrobatic hits, while the sturdy sole guarantees unbeatable resistance on clay surfaces.

Similar to the Stycon Laceless Hard Court, this model also features an Adiwear sole that guarantees optimal performance even after prolonged use.

The weight of an Adizero Ubersonic 4.0 is 360gr (for the number 42 2/3).

adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 Clay Blue ...
  • Clay court shoe
  • Upper: Synthetic
  • lining: Textil
adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 W, ...
  • Scarpe da corsa rigide per migliorare la velocità, realizzate in parte con materiali...
  • Parte superiore in rete intrecciata con rinforzo interno
  • Fabric lining


Asics Gel Resolution 8

The Asics Gel Resolution 8 are among the best padel shoes currently out there, with superlative quality and a very interesting design.

They have a reinforced tip that is practically eternal, never shows signs of fatigue even after a long time.

The price is in line with the competition but they manage to stand out thanks to that attention to detail typical of Japanese products.

Asics Gel Padel Exclusive 6 Blue...
  • Asics sports shoe
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Cushioning with GEL technology
Asics Gel-Resolution 8, Shoes for...
  • Asics sports shoe
  • Cushioning with GEL technology
  • Removable insole


Asics Gel-Lima Padel 2

One of the many other models designed for the padel and created by Asics, are the Gel-Lima Padel 2, which has similar characteristics to the Gel-Bela 7. It is a shoe built to last and is equipped with a number of technologies to improve comfort and cushioning while playing on the pitch.

Comfortable shoes that give excellent stability to the foot. I recommend half a size larger than usual. Stupendous.

The distinctive features of these Gel-Lima Padel 2 are as follows:

  • Midsole in SOLYTE: a shock-absorbing and light material that ensures a return of energy and helps the shoe to last over time. In addition, the GEL technology placed in the forefoot is made with silicone designed to absorb the utrius;
  • Insole in EVA and the insole ORTHOLITE: The former has been designed to offer extra support with every bounce, while the insole helps manage moisture and breathability. In addition, under the midfoot area there is TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology to help you maintain grip on the court;
  • Finally, the extra resistance in the sole with AHAR technology: it is a rubber resistant to abrasion, placed in the points where the sole tends to wear out the most, to ensure a certain duration over time.

They are available in both men's and women's versions.

  • Asics sports shoe
  • Cushioning with FlyteFoam technology
  • Cushioning with GEL technology
ASICS Padel Lima FF Pink Women's...
  • Upper in mesh and synthetic material offer optimal breathability
  • Padding in GEL technology
  • The ORTHOLITE insole offers unparalleled comfort



Babolat Jet Premura 3

The Babolat Jet Premura 3 offer:

  • socket: thanks to the herringbone sole, they are versatile and can be used on both sand and grass;
  • cushioning: the KPRS-X system cushions impacts avoiding injuries or sprains to knees and ankles;
  • flexibility: ultra-flexible sole thanks to the flex grooves.

They are padel shoes recommended for experienced players.



As you will have understood, before choosing a padel shoe, consider all its features and evaluate the use you will make of it.

It probably doesn't make sense to buy the top of the line if you're planning on playing padel sporadically. Against it is good to buy a quality item, created with materials that are breathable, that do not have too many seams and that is the right size, to avoid damaging your feet!

I hope this article helped you find the padel shoes that best suit you and your needs.

Share the article with your player friends, they too will need a new pair of shoes sooner or later!