If you live in or around Milan, you've probably heard of the center padel Seregno, one of the best you can find in the area for a good game.

If you've never been, then it's likely that you need some information to help you decide whether or not it's right for you.

For this reason, and to help anyone looking for a quality padel center, we've written this article that covers everything you need to know.

Address, contacts, information on the fields and on the padel instructors as well as all other useful details, we have enclosed them here especially for you.

Information Padel Seregno Center

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When it comes to centers for padel in Milan, there is certainly no shortage of the possibility to choose from many options of the highest quality, but this does not mean that they are always easy to reach for everyone.

The padel Seregno center is located in the northern area of the Milan district, beyond Monza and in what we could define as a very peripheral area.

In fact it is located exactly in the middle between Lissone and Guissano, more precisely in Via Georges Bizet, 19, 20831 Seregno MB.

The center has "only" 3 courts which, counting that it is located in a not too crowded area, are more than enough to entertain everyone.

It is about 3 indoor courts, therefore perfect for rainy days or for the cold season.

If you wish reserve a field you can just go up This Page, check availability and book when you need it.

The center offers padel courses for players of all ranging levels from 9 to 12 and give it 14 to 18.

For more information you can call the number 375-5184588 or write an email to info@padelclubseregno.it.

Otherwise you can use the contact form that you find at This Page, the result is the same.

The center also usually hosts several tournaments which you may wish to participate and, to stay informed, you can refer to This Page.

Pages are also available Instagram And Facebook if you want to have a more direct channel with the news of the structure.

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