To all lovers of padel, sooner or later, it may be necessary to purchase a good racket holder even just to stop going to the field with the shovel wrapped in the shopping bag.

The choice, however, could be very difficult, given that in online stores there are really an infinite amount of bags of every brand and kind.

To facilitate the choice, the team of We racket has put together a list of the best available on the market today.

But if you need to complete the whole set, then I recommend you take a look to clothing from padel selected by us!

If you also need a brand new racket holder, then let's get started!

Dunlop - Tennis bag mod. Tours...
Head Elite Supercombi, Bag from...
Babolat RH X 9 Pure Aero Vs Bag...
Dunlop - Tennis bag mod. Tours...
Head Elite Supercombi, Bag from...
Babolat RH X 9 Pure Aero Vs Bag...
Number of rackets
Dunlop - Tennis bag mod. Tours...
Dunlop - Tennis bag mod. Tours...
Number of rackets
Head Elite Supercombi, Bag from...
Head Elite Supercombi, Bag from...
Number of rackets
Babolat RH X 9 Pure Aero Vs Bag...
Babolat RH X 9 Pure Aero Vs Bag...
Number of rackets

Best Padel Bags

bag padel wilson

These are the models that, in our opinion, offer the best value for money compared to the competition.

Head Core Padel Combi SMU racket bag

Head loves to do things well and this bag is certainly no less thanks to his great build quality and bright colors.

The double central handle and the rear straps allow it to be easily carried by hand or used as a backpack by sportsmen.

If you are looking for the right shovel to associate with this backpack, here you will find the Head's best rackets.

A really attractive first price.

HEAD Core Padel Combi SMU (Green)
  • The New Core Paddle Combi has a compartment for paddle rackets and accessories ...
  • Double padded carrying handle type Backpack padel double central handle of ...


Bullpadel Fun X-Series Bag

There Bullpadel Fun X Series is a truly original line of racket bags in the colors and graphics used by the brand, distancing itself a little from the competition.

They took the logo and placed it big and then colored with all the brightest colors available, creating a really young and sparkling bag.

If you like Bullpadel here you will find the best rackets of this brand might help you find your next shovel!

If you love having accessories that stand out, this bag is definitely for you.

Bullpadel Borsa Fun X-Series Green
  • Practical and lightweight racket bag, designed for players looking for ...
  • Large main compartment with zipper.
  • Separate compartment for racket. External compartment for small items.


Dunlop bag

Dunlop is also no joke when it comes to making its brand flashy and its products flashy, which you may or may not like depending on your taste.

This padel racket holder in particular then really hits the eye of the observer from the first glance and, combined with fluorescent yellow, it is truly unforgettable.

If you need to compose your own padel clothing set, here you will find the best shoes chosen by the Racchettiamo team.

I personally believe it my favorite bag on the market, but if you prefer something more sober, below you will find what is right for you.

Dunlop - Tennis bag mod. Tours...
  • Dunlop tennis bag of medium size, very attractive fluorescent color and with ...
  • Large main compartment, with zip, for easy insertion of clothing, ...
  • Designed for players who want comfort. Strap on the top, for ...


Wilson padel Rak Pak Bag

The Wilson presents itself with a stylistically much less flashy bag and with a certain vein of elegance, which is much appreciated by those who do not like to go to matches standing out like a traffic light.

The quality is that of a leading brand in the sector for many years now, so you can proceed with the purchase with your eyes closed.

If you were interested in one Wilson racquet here you will find the best on the market divided by level of play.

For those who love sober style, this bag must be one of the very first choices.

Wilson Rak Pak Padel Bag, ...
  • Features two zippered pockets, 1 accessory compartment and side pocket
  • Equipped with a detachable elastic cord on the side
  • Designed for various use


Adidas Padel Rackets Holder

All time staying on more conservative styles and dark colors, we find this beautiful padel racket bag from Adidas.

Black and white with a semi-reflective finish and those little details that make thousands of players around the world love the quality of this brand so much.

Even the Adidas rackets are very popular among professionals and in this article there are all the most popular with padelisti.

It is difficult to find a more sober and professional bag than this one.

  • It includes a main compartment with zip and one for independent padel blades.
  • Different handles, with the possibility of carrying it with the upper handle or in...
  • Attractive black racket with white details and carbon-like finish.


Head Elite Padel Supercombi

To get back to the Head brand, I decided this time to include something more elegant than the one that is at the top of this list.

This time the German house has decided to focus on black and white, with one beautiful texture that covers a large part of the bag and gives it a very special touch.

Head also has a number of rackets in graphene which offers considerable advantages in the field compared to the others, if you want to take a look at it you can find it here.

Surely one of the most beautiful padel racket holders available on the market today.

Head Elite Supercombi, Bag from...
  • Made of a strong polyester mix, which makes the bag very sturdy
  • Equipped with two adjustable shoulder straps so you can easily carry it on the ...
  • Two main compartments in which you can carry 4 padel rackets or ...


Babolat Pure Aero 

To conclude, I want to add this bag that goes a little beyond the line drawn with the previous ones but, in my opinion, deserves to be in this ranking.

First I want to emphasize that this is not a padel racket holder but it was designed for tennis, although he obviously has no problem accommodating the rackets for this game.

Secondly, I decided to put it here because it really is one of the best quality bags in the world.

We are sure that many padelists could find this product interesting and attractive, perhaps even just for the capacity that reaches 9 rackets.

If you were also looking for the best Babolat altarpiece, here you will find an elite selection.

Babolat RH X 9 Pure Aero Vs Bag...
53 Reviews
Babolat RH X 9 Pure Aero Vs Bag...
  • The Pure 9 pack is designed to hold up to 9 uncovered rackets.
  • The bag also features three main compartments
  • With thermal protection



Now you have my personal selection of the best padel bags available on the market which includes all the most famous brands.

I hope I helped you find the padel racket bag of your dreams and advised you on a purchase that will make you happy.

I believe the Dunlop and the Head Supercombi the two most beautiful ever, but the charm of Nadal's bag is really hard to resist.

Share the article with your friends and family, they too may be looking for one of these products.