Are you looking for the 5 best models of padel Wilson rackets?

Wilson is a US brand that produces sporting goods and related clothing, is known above all for tennis rackets, used by well-known players.

Below is a list of the 5 best Wilson padel racket models with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Wilson padel Ultra tennis racket...
Wilson - Carbon Force Pro Racket ...
WILSON - Bela padel racket ...
Wilson padel Ultra tennis racket...
Wilson - Carbon Force Pro Racket ...
WILSON - Bela padel racket ...
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Wilson padel Ultra tennis racket...
Wilson padel Ultra tennis racket...
Suitable for
Wilson - Carbon Force Pro Racket ...
Wilson - Carbon Force Pro Racket ...
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WILSON - Bela padel racket ...
WILSON - Bela padel racket ...
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The Wilson Brand Warranty

Wilson is a company that, since 1913, has been involved in the production of sporting goods based in Chicago (in the United States).

It stands out above all in the tennis field, thanks to the vast production of rackets, bags, clothing, shoes and accessories, for athletes of the caliber of Roger Federer, Juan Martín del Potro, Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

Wilson also produces sports equipment for many other sports such as: badminton, baseball, basketball, softball, American football, golf, racquetball, soccer, squash, tennis, volleyball and, of course, padel.

The 5 Best Wilson Padel Rackets

Wilson padel rackets stand out for their resistance, for the materials used in the construction and for the excellent compromise between control and precision.

We remind you that, before buying a padel shovel, it is good to consider the following characteristics: dimensions and weight, materials of the chassis he was born in nucleus, grip, sweet spot (also called "sweet spot"), form And balancing.

If you don't know what all these features mean, please take a look at our article on how to choose a padel racket that suits you best.



Wilson Ultra Team racket

The Wilson Ultra Team padel racquet is designed for both beginners, but it has a combination of play and responsiveness.

It has a shape to tear with medium balance, perfect for novice players who need balance on the racquet, and sweet spot in the center of the surface. Core Foam technology offers a soft and comfortable feel that facilitates the transition to this sport.

The structure of the frame and surfaces are made of fiberglass, for a mix of stability and reactivity, while the core is made of low-density Core Foam rubber.

Thanks to his delicacy in the stroke, easy handling and great ease of use, have made this racket one of the best-selling on the market.

If you are looking for the best teardrop rackets, you can find them here. For the bags from padel Wilson, Click here.

Wilson padel Ultra tennis racket...
  • Wilson Ultra Team Padel racket, Tolerant, Knock Cleaner and improved power thanks to the...
  • Bigger Sweet Spot thanks to Infinity Edge technology
  • Optimal combination of stability and responsiveness thanks to Fiberglass technology...



 padel Wilson Blade Team V2

Model Wilson Blade Team is a teardrop shape racquet, medium balance and high sweet spot in the face surface, it is ideal for both beginner and intermediate players looking for versatile performance with an excellent combination of power and control.

The frame structure of this padel Wilson Blade Team racquet is made of fiberglass, to ensure stability and reactivity, while the core is low density Core Foam rubber, to increase stability and maintain a strong feeling of softness and comfort.

The Wilson Blade Team boasts an attractive design and offers an excellent quality / price ratio, it is also recommended especially for novice players in the padel game.

A racket that, for the price, really offers everything an average user could want.

Obviously she does not want to compete with the market segment, but this is not what she is asked for.

Buying it we will end up with a really balanced tool, able to satisfy all our needs and to save us some welcome money.

Wilson Blade Padel Racket ...
  • Wilson Blade Team padel racquet with EVA foam core for performance ...
  • Excellent combination of stability and reactivity thanks to the frame structure with ...
  • More power and better impact on the ball thanks to the drilling technology ...

Wilson Ultra Elite


Wilson's Carbon Ultra Elite it's a really explosive shovel, designed for advanced players looking for a good compromise between power and control.

The Wilson Ultra Elite padel racquet features a teardrop shape and medium balance, weighs approximately 355 grams and is 38 mm thick, is made of carbon fiber and Lite Density foam core, for excellent reactivity on impact. The materials with which it was created give lightness and ensure swing speed and greater handling.

The holes on the blade, treated with Sharp Hole technology, allow a firm grip on the ball, while the Tri-Hex grip increases the twist on the body.

The tape placed on the upper part of the racket frame protects it from possible scratches and bumps and gives it a long life.

Its excellent balance in any game situation make it ideal for any player.

This is also thanks to its teardrop shape, thanks to which the right power is always guaranteed together with impeccable control.

By buying this racket you will have a really great product, able to accompany you for many years in this sport.

Wilson, Ultra Padel Racket ...
  • Wilson Ultra Elite Padel Racket, Carbon fiber composite material for ...
  • Infinity Edge with concave design along the edges for an excellent surface and a sweet ...
  • Grainy surface thanks to Opti-Grip technology for grip and control ...



padel Wilson shovel Carbon Force Pro


The Wilson Carbon Force Pro padel racquet is a precise padel shovel for medium-high level players.

Its form is a roundabout, with medium-low balance, and has a structure made of fiberglass and carbon, able to offer a feeling of lightness and greater power than the padel fiberglass racquets.

This racquet truly offers great precision in outbound shots, facilitating tactical play.

Its round shape speaks clearly, placing it in that market segment reserved for experienced or novice players looking for a docile model.

Wilson - Carbon Force Pro,...
  • Carbon Force Pro, WRT968700 by Wilson.
  • Paddle racket, unisex.
  • Unique, black and green.
Wilson - Carbon Force Pro Racket ...
  • The Wilson Carbon Force Pro Gold racquet is a limited edition, undoubtedly the ...
  • Maintains its round mold with excellent balance and sweet spot.
  • Among its features to highlight, its 100% carbon construction in ...


Wilson Bela Pro and Elite

Two models that are the absolute top of the Wilson range, so we decided to put them together.

The price of these shovels is similar (although time might change things) but they have some differences to hand.

The  Pro model is stiffer and more powerful, while the Elite model is more versatile, which makes it the most suitable for any player.

If you want to know in detail how these extraordinary rackets perform, you can read ours full review of both.

WILSON - Bela padel racket ...
  • Brand: Wilson
  • WILSON - Bela Elite paddle racket, colour: Red


It is very important to choose the right racket, to avoid inflammation, sweating, boredom and other possible problems. For this reason, if you are a beginner we recommend the model Wilson Ultra Team, soft and comfortable that will accompany you up to the intermediate level in this sport.

Otherwise, if you are an expert we recommend the Wilson Bela Elite, because it features different technologies and materials that a professional could never do without.

If you are looking for other padel racquets of the same level, we invite you to take a look at the best padel rackets of the Head brand, or Babolat's best padel rackets.

I hope this article helped you find the ideal padel shovel for your playing style.

If we have been useful to you, share this article with your friends and let them know the best padel Wilson rackets on the market.