padel racket, recommendations for shopping! That's right, today we want to help you choose your next racket, giving you some food for thought for the perfect purchase.

You know, the first padel shovel is a bit like a first love, you never forget it, so it's better to pay close attention to where you invest your money otherwise you could end up in a nightmare.

Drama aside, it's true that a bad padel racket could seriously affect your enjoyment of the game, which doesn't help a novice who wants to have fun and learn.

For this reason, today we have created one Buying guide for anyone feeling confused and need suggestions, vamos!

Padel racket: How to choose it

Let's begin to see all those variables that really make the difference, trying to prioritize the crucial points but not forgetting that there are also details.

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The price


It's useless to make fun of us, if you are an absolute novice of the padel the price is probably the feature you will pay more attention to, in defiance of all the technique.

We understand this point perfectly because we've all been beginners, so we remember what it was like when we first looked for a cheap model.

Of course, it is possible that you are not a beginner at all or someone on a budget, in which case you can safely move on to the next point.

If you are still reading though, then it is fair that you know that the saying “who spends more, spends less” is extremely true even in the world of padel.

No, we don't mean to throw you on a 300 euro model, just don't pull the strap too much by dwelling on junk models that have nothing technical about them.

A good padel racket costs no less than 50 euros, with the figure doubled if you are looking for something that is good for a period beyond the learning phase.

Going to get a 20 euro piece of junk from some sports wholesaler may seem like a bargain, but you will have thrown that amount away because the tool is useless.

Pretty soon you'll realize it's worthless, with your horrified master begging you for your own good to get a shovel that won't cause inflammation in your tendons.

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padel siux rackets

Shape is the second variable that everyone pays close attention to, perhaps even too much compared to what it actually deserves.

Don't get us wrong, this variable plays a fundamental role in deciding the character of the racket, but very often it is the player who doesn't know what he wants.

This because it's hard to say that a shovel a diamond it is unsuitable for our game if we have never tried it, same thing for that roundabout oa drop (explanations at the links).

For this we can generalize by saying that a round padel racket is more suitable for a beginner because it is forgiving, but that doesn't mean it's what you need.

A seasoned player knows what he wants, but he too might want to try something new, so here too one cannot make too many assumptions.

In principle, choose what you feel like and, if you don't know, a teardrop shovel (the best here) is the intermediate solution that fits everything.

Racket weight padel

padel racket tips

The Weight is a factor because it can cause tendon inflammation if the racket is too light or heavy, this is one of those recommendations for the padel that cannot be ignored.

A shovel must weigh between 350 and 390 gramsotherwise it is to be considered unsuitable and potentially dangerous for the player's health.

Apart from this, it is good not to underestimate these 40 gram scissors, as they can really make the difference in a long and consuming game.

Apart from that, we can't know what your arm likes, so you have to figure it out by trying and trying different models until you find yours.

There is no magic formula, this is a parameter that you have to feel, so go and try!

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New or used? What colour? And the brand?

padel racket tips

All these questions are the "secondary" ones, which could be priorities for some but, from a purely technical point of view, they do not have the same value as the previous ones.

Notwithstanding that a shovel, if used, must not be older than a handful of years otherwise it is better to leave it alone, everything else is absolutely arbitrary.

All the major brands are excellent and the gap between them is practically nil, with beautiful colors and designs churned out by each manufacturer.

Once again we draw the guidelines, but it will be up to you to make the final choice.

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Now you know what are the main tips for choosing a padel racket, new or used.

We hope we have been able to clear up some doubts that hovered in your head, guiding you towards an informed purchase that will last you over the years.

On our pages you will always find buying guides and product reviews on the world of padel, so come back and visit us often to not miss any news.