Are you looking for information on Adidas padel rackets?

Then this is definitely the article for you because here we will see together the best that the German brand has to offer.

Here you will find valid products for both a beginner and an experienced user, so sit back and let's see them together

Adidas - Padel racket, mod ....
Adidas ESSNOVA Carbon Ctrl 3.1 2022
Adidas, Metalbone 3.1, Tennis Racket...
Adidas - Padel racket, mod ....
Adidas ESSNOVA Carbon Ctrl 3.1 2022
Adidas, Metalbone 3.1, Tennis Racket...
Adidas - Padel racket, mod ....
Adidas - Padel racket, mod ....
Adidas ESSNOVA Carbon Ctrl 3.1 2022
Adidas ESSNOVA Carbon Ctrl 3.1 2022
Adidas, Metalbone 3.1, Tennis Racket...
Adidas, Metalbone 3.1, Tennis Racket...


Adidas padel racket review

I doubt there is anyone in this universe who has never heard of Adidas, but associated with the padel may not be so obvious.

Everyone knows the clothing of this brand, but that's not what interests us right now.

To sweep away any doubts, you need to know that Adidas is also a leader in the padel sector, going to play with sacred monsters like Babolat and Head.adidas

To prove it are the dozens of professional players who choose to rely on this brand while competing in the World Padel Tour.

Before starting the review, however, a necessary premise must be made.

Some of these rackets have a version more devoted to power and one to control, while retaining the same name.

When you are in the purchase phase always remember to check if the shovel bears the initialsCTRL” (check), so you know if you are buying the softer version or the more powerful one.

If you are not clear about which product is right for you, then I suggest you take a look at this guide on how to choose the padel racket.




 Adidas X-Treme

First price of the Adidas line, which in any case remains clearly above (in terms of price and level) the basic models of the competition

The sweet spot is very wide, perfect for novice players who need an instrument that "forgives" their exuberances.

The shape is roundabout, which guarantees greater control and also forgives some too much exuberance.

If you are looking for one Adidas racket to accompany you during your first years in padel, then you've found the one that's right for you.

However, this racket should not be underestimated because it will be able to give truly great satisfaction to the public it is aimed at.

Adidas - Padel racket, mod ....
  • Adidas racquet with a large sweet spot, control and excellent exit of the ...
  • Round format, with a low balance that offers great control. Design...
  • Rough surface, which maximizes the effect of the ball on hitting. Technology...



 Adidas Adipower Lite

This padel racket from Adidas it is found today at a very advantageous price, so much so that it deserves special attention.

Don't be fooled though, the power that comes from this tool is truly remarkable.

His shape a diamond shifts the balance up, sacrificing some handling in favor of more strength.

Its constitution makes it a shovel for the most experienced players, with a good understanding of the fundamentals behind it.

This racket tends to be less forgiving of mistakes, so you need to have more sensitivity. On balance, it gives great satisfaction.

adidas Adipower Lite Racket,...
  • Frame: Fiberglass
  • Shape: diamond (power)
  • Game level: Advanced

Adidas Essnova Carbon Control 

Made in different variations of carbon fiber with a core of EVA performance rubber, able to give a lot of speed to the ball output.

This is one of the Adidas padel rackets for average/expert users, who want to have a tool that allows them to draw out the maximum power.

To demonstrate its aggressive essence there is the thought form roundabout, with a rough surface to generate spin.

This peculiarity involves shifting the weight in the rear area, sacrificing power (but not too much) in favor of handling.

This makes it perfect for all levels of play. Technique for experts and gentle for beginners.

Even exaggerating a bit therefore, you don't have to deal with a ball that crashes directly against the bottom glass.

The perfect shovel to acquire the right sensitivity and dexterity, growing with the player.

Adidas ESSNOVA Carbon Ctrl 3.1 2022
  • With protector. Advanced level. Circle shape. Case included. . . Weight (GR): ...
  • Recipient: man. Case, card and gift sticker included.

 Adidas Adipower Control

This racket can be considered as a wildcard in the world of padel.

Designed to have an excellent defensive response and with materials that guarantee a soft ball exit, the Adipower Control fits perfectly with any player.

The large sweet spot and textured surface help control and generate spin on the ball, enhancing the playing experience.

The structure is entirely in carbon, while the core is in high memory EVA rubber.

Although the level (and price) of this racquet suggests it's for experts, its incredible characteristics and sensational maneuverability make it also ideal for the beginner.

It might actually seem like a risky purchase for a novice, especially if you are not sure about continuing with the sport.

But, if passion for the padel isn't in question, then take a model that can accompany us from our first shots to the most demanding matches, immediately assumes a much more solid logic.

This is the best racket for control that Adidas currently has in its repertoire, if we exclude the Ctrl version of the Metalbone 8 which is on the same level anyway).

Adidas, Adipower Ctrl 3.1,...
  • Technical category: Round
  • User: Advanced
  • Weight: 360-375 (0+12) G



Adidas Metalbone

The best model of Adidas and, perhaps, of the entire padel racket market.

In fact, you can immediately notice his shape a diamond, with a machined surface and capable of generating a lot of spin.

This shape is typical of power racquets, with a sweet spot towards the tip.

At first glance it would seem a model for expert players only but, once in hand, its handling and comfort will make even novices feel at ease.

The price then doesn't really leave much room for doubts about the market segment of this model.

Starting with a cost of more than €300 for a beginner doesn't always make sense, but for advanced users it can be considered as a real point of reference.

In any case, this version more than other Adidas rackets, we feel we recommend it only for those who have been chewing the padel for some time.

Adidas, Metalbone 3.1, Tennis Racket...
  • Technical category: Diamond
  • User: Advanced
  • Weight: 345-360 (0+12) G

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The Adidas padel racket line is large enough to satisfy any player who decides to be accompanied by this brand.

If you are looking for a first price then the X-Treme LTD it will still give you great satisfaction with a low cost.

If you want instead uncompromising quality, the Metalbone is the model to focus on with your eyes closed.

Whichever model you decide to buy, never forget that excessive savings and low quality can lead to poor performance and even damage to the arm (here the rackets that help prevent them) in the most serious cases.

I hope this article has managed to resolve your doubts about which Adidas padel racket to buy.

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