How many racket types padel exist? Why do they have differences between them? Which should I choose based on my level of play?

Classic questions that every padel player asks himself sooner or later, since it is truly inevitable to deal with this aspect.

To make your life easier, we have put together an article that explains the main differences, so that you can easily understand.

Since we have already dealt with the topic on numerous occasions, we will also leave you with in-depth articles on each point.

What types of padel rackets are there?

Basically there are 3 main types of padel racket, divided according to the round, diamond and teardrop shape.


hesacore padel

The padel rackets round are usually associated with beginners, as they are particularly docile in the blow.

They prefer ball control in favor of power, but it certainly doesn't mean that they are weak or not very incisive.

Furthermore, to be honest, there are very many samples of the WPT who use round rackets, simply because they like to play up close.

For this reason, if you are a technical or novice player, choose a round shovel.

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wilson bela pro

Tear or drop is the racket that intersperses between the round and the diamond shape in terms of power and ball control.

More powerful than the round but slightly less easy to control, this is the racket model that defines itself balanced.

It does not excel in anything but it has no real weaknesses, which is why it is by far the most popular variant on the market.

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adidas metalboone

Diamond is the type of padel racket made to play power and aggressionwithout letting the opponent breathe.

I am usually nervous and difficult to tame, so you need a hand that is very sensitive to the touch to use them.

They are the most popular rackets among professionals, although not by great detachment from the other variants.

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Now you know what are the main differences between the types of rackets padel but, to go deeper, read our linked guides.

Since we have already dealt with the topic numerous times, we don't want to dwell too much but we leave you the links to learn more.