You don't know which padel racket shape to choose for your next tool? A really complex choice to make, in fact.

Yes, because each of them brings with it the advantages and disadvantages of a philosophy, but none can truly have everything.

There are those who benefit from power, those who prefer maneuverability and those who still try to do many things together without excelling at anything.

In the end it's all about what's best for you, but if you don't know yet, then we'll try to figure it out together in this article.

Round Padel rackets

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There Round shaped padel racket it is the one with which to have a technical and reasoned game, where precision wins over power.

This is for those who have a certain familiarity with the padel, for beginners it is a faithful ally that helps to calm the exuberance.

A round racket is in fact often referred to as the beginner's shovel, which is true but it doesn't do it justice that way.

Its main feature is that of having a weight more towards the handle and a very generous sweet spot, things that make it manageable and easy to control in the shot.

Yes, but is it a soft shovel with no personality? Not at all! Round rackets allow you to be precisealbeit with less power.

If you want to play hard and make your opponent run, then you'll never find a shovel that fits you better than a roundabout!

Don't be influenced by the fact that it is said to be for beginners, many samples of World Padel Tour they use this form.

Best round padel rackets

Now let's see some truly unmissable models for lovers of rackets with this particular shape.

Adidas X-Treme

The Adidas X-Treme is one of the cheapest and at the same time quality models that can be found on the market.

Suitable for beginners but which can also be appreciated by medium level players looking for an economical tool.

Adidas - Padel racket, mod ....
  • Adidas racquet with a large sweet spot, control and excellent exit of the ...
  • Round format, with a low balance that offers great control. Design...
  • Rough surface, which maximizes the effect of the ball on hitting. Technology...

DROP SHOT Explorer PRO Soft

Medium-level model that begins to show materials of a certain quality and characteristics of a certain account.

Ideal for those looking for a racket to use over the years, where a large expense is amortized over the long term.

DROP SHOT Explorer PRO Soft
4 Reviews

Star Vie Raptor 2022

The professional racket that does not admit and does not accept compromises, where everything is devoted to perfection.

The price is high but worth every penny. To buy if you are looking for absolute quality and do not pay attention to the price tag.

Star Vie Raptor 2022
  • Composed of 3K carbon and the new material Colors Carbon 3K in red.

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Drop Padel rackets

padel lightweight racket

There padel racket in the shape of a drop or teardrop (they are synonyms), is the one indicated as suitable for all types of games and players.

This seems all too generalist and hardly feasible, but it's actually quite true.

This type of shovel is made for combine a good level of power with decent handling and docility, although it may appear as impossible.

The teardrop shape manages to maintain a balanced weight in the midrange and generate good power output.

Obviously it is not as powerful as a diamond shovel and neither is it as handy as a round onebut falls somewhere in between the two.

Ideal for those who don't yet know what style of game to have, it is by far the best-selling in the world.

Best rackets from padel tear

Now let's see some truly unmissable models for drop racket lovers.

Head Evo Sanyo

One of the cheapest and most loved teardrop rackets on the market, it manages to give good quality for the sale price.

Ideal for beginners or for those on a tight budget, it accompanies you throughout the learning phase.

Head Evo Sanyo - Racket for ...
  • Soft foam paddle
  • More comfortable and powerful
  • A model with a new shape

Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Control racket

A mid-range model that makes a huge leap in quality compared to the Evo Sanyo seen a little while ago.

Here too we are talking about the racket for life, where you spend it once and use it for many years without ever feeling tight.

Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Control ...
  • Drop-shaped Head padel racket with a wide sweet spot and a large ...
  • Very comfortable and handy built with Graphene 360+ technology on the frame and ...
  • Unmatched feeling and comfort. Made with the Smart Bridge and a ...

Padel racket Wilson PRO BELASTEGUIN

The best of the best the world of teardrop padel racquets has to offer, with Wilson creating a masterpiece.

This shovel is simply perfect and will give the professional player everything they want.

BELA Padel Racket Wilson PRO ...
  • Brand: Wilson
  • Item: Paddle racket
  • Gender: Various

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Diamond padel racket

padel racket vibrates

There Diamond shaped padel racket is the one generally indicated for professionals, although it is an inaccuracy.

This model is yes particularly powerful and difficult to handle, but it doesn't mean that it's exclusive to professionals or that a professional has to have it.

Diamond racquets are more suitable for those with experience in padel, yes, but a pro could very well use a teardrop or teardrop one.

It all depends on the style of play whereas, if you love to "drop bombs" at your opponent, then the diamond one is for you.

Here the game must be devoted to attack, as it is certainly more difficult to find a precise shot with this shovel (but not impossible).

If you're a beginner and you're not afraid of a racket that won't forgive you much, you can still choose this model.

Best diamond padel rackets

Now let's see some truly unmissable models for lovers of diamond-shaped rackets.

Dunlop Skin Attack Soft

A diamond padel racket that comes with a beautiful Siux case, really perfect for carrying it.

A first price for those who want to try this shape without spending a fortune or for the novice beginner.

Babolat TechnicalVertuo

Intermediate model with a fairly low price, which offers a nice leap in quality compared to the previous one.

If you are looking for diamond rackets, then Babolat is definitely a point of reference in this case.

Babolat Technical Vertuo Padel -...
  • Babolat Technical Vertuo - Padel racket

Bullpadel Vertex 03

Possibly the best diamond-shaped padel racket out there, definitely one we recommend.

Bullpadel hardly misses a beat and it shows in the care and quality of this fantastic shovel.

Bullpadel 463139, Racket Vertex ...
  • Unisex adult paddle tennis racket
  • Multicolored
  • Bullpadel Vertex 03 22 multicolored racket

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Now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of the various shapes of padel rackets, you are ready to choose the perfect one for you.

We hope we have been of help by recommending the model that will accompany you in your long (and we wish you success) games of padel.