Let's go today to find out together what the padel racket features which allow it to have its own identity and stand out from the crowd.

Things such as materials, shape, weight and many others make the difference in the character of the shovel that will end up adapting or not to a particular player.

Before going to the shops to buy something totally random, better inform yourself and know exactly what certain characteristics will entail.

We at Racchettiamo want to help you discover these aspects in the article you are about to read, so let's get right into the fray.

How To Choose Padel Racket

These are the somatic traits that really make the difference. Others could be added or removed depending on what is considered really important, but we have chosen these.

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The materials are the supporting structure and those that most of all affect the response of the shovel to blows, so you absolutely shouldn't underestimate them.

A good racket must have a carbon bearing structure, in order to give it the necessary rigidity for all the matches it will have to withstand.

If there is no carbon inside a shovel, it either means that it is a top model that has tried a different route, or it is most likely junk.

padel rackets that do not include carbon in their features are likely to use plastics or other similar materials, which are completely unsuitable.

So, when you go to choose, make sure that this fundamental point is there, otherwise go ahead without looking back.

Second then there are the surface materials, which can be in fiberglass, graphene, carbon or many other more or less similar materials.

Here there is no real rule to follow, they are all more or less good and do not involve such differences as to have to spend a lot more money to choose graphene rather than fiberglass.

Decide based on what your wallet allows so, unless you're a very experienced player, chances are you won't notice the difference.

Finally, the materials of the core of the racket, where even here we don't have a winner but only many competitors who do different things.

There are different types of EVA rubber and FOAM, where each of them adds on one side and takes away from the other, without being able to outline a preferential material.

Here, too, go where your wallet takes you, trying to figure out what is the main feature you want from your next tool.



padel racket features

The shape is one of the fundamental characteristics in rackets from padel almost as much as the materials, since it outlines the behavior it will have in the game phases.

A shovel roundabout (here the explanation) is more inclined to forgive mistakes and marries with a tactical game while, that a diamond (here the explanation) it is top rated for aggression and power.

In the middle between these two extremes is that a tear (here the explanation), who has a little of both but fails to excel at either.

Which one to choose? Only you can know this based on your style of play, as it is an absolutely personal thing that cannot be indicated by others.


The dimension

padel racket features

The face size of a padel racket is similar to the shape, that is, it determines the handling and power of the same when playing.

A bigger head is heavier, which means being able to land more powerful blows but having a much slower moving object.

One with a small face, on the other hand, is exactly the opposite, that is, it moves with agility but will not be able to generate a ferocious ball exit like the other.

Again, we can only tell you how these features work, but what to choose, you will have to figure it out in the field.


Racket weight padel

padel shots

The weight of the padel racket is one of the fundamental aspects that must be taken into due consideration.

It might seem trivial because, between the various models, not more than a handful of grams pass, but the truth is that they are very important.

A racket that is too light as well as one that is too heavy can lead to elbow discomfort and generate epicondylitis.

Tennis elbow is difficult to treat, it requires a lot of time and physical therapy sessions, so better not to joke.

The racket weight padel man must be between 350 and 390 grams while, the racket weight padel woman between 350 and 370 grams.

Obviously this it also depends on the person, in fact there are ultra light models that find great appreciation, but they are not for everyone.

Try several rackets of various weights before proceeding with your purchase, otherwise you may end up with an unsuitable product.


Other important aspects

Difference between padel racket and beach tennis

There are other important aspects that may or may not be considered, such as the length of the handle which is by no means the same for all.

Another thing is the arrangement of the holes on the shovel, whose manufacturers do a fair amount of marketing but which the user hardly perceives any differences.

However, one last point that we would like to include is the roughness or the texture of the face, which allows you to generate spin of the ball and consequent tactical shots.

The more marked the texture, the easier it will be to create a strong effect which will embarrass the opponent as long as you know how to handle it correctly.

If you are looking for the best rough rackets or the reasons for choosing it rough or smooth, I leave you our articles.

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These are the characteristics of the padel rackets that must be taken into consideration before making the purchase, otherwise you will end up with an unsuitable tool.

The brand really isn't that important, with all the major manufacturers battling it out to churn out top products every day.

What really matters are the details that allow the user to feel it like a glove in his hand rather than a foreign and annoying object.