The Wilson Carbon Force Pro is certainly a padel racket that detaches itself from the beginner level to point directly to the intermediate segment of the market, the one called prosumer.

Its technical characteristics are truly first-rate, so much so as to make it a model that is really recommended for all padel players.

In this article we will look at the various features together, trying to understand if it is the right tool for your style of play and what are the reasons why it is worth buying.

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If you're ready, buckle up and let's jump into this detailed Wilson racket review together, let's go!

Carbon Force pro


Wilson Carbon Force Pro review

To better cover its characteristics, in this review we will go to examine the materials that compose it, the shape and its behavior in the field.

Wilson - Carbon Force Pro,...
  • Carbon Force Pro, WRT968700 by Wilson.
  • Paddle racket, unisex.
  • Unique, black and green.


The materials

Let's start immediately by saying that this racket, although it is suitable for everyone, does not want to be confused with a common padel beginner's tool.

Its excellent workmanship and high-end materials combine to make for a remarkable product in every respect, but which is still accessible in price.

The structure is made of carbon, which most rackets have in common, but here we go further.

The fibers have been intertwined, in order to return a greater hitting power and a truly enviable product durability.

A thin transparent film was then applied over the entire surface, in order to protect it from any type of damage and wear.

Inside there is a FOAM rubber with a higher density, which allows her to help with accuracy and ball control.



The Wilson Carbon Force Pro is truly a tool for everyone, both beginners and for those who have been chewing the padel for several years and have no sin of experience.

However, this may not seem to coincide with the adopted form, apparently dedicated to beginners.

The truth is that the shape roundabout, although it is commonly associated with the beginner segment, it has much more to offer than simple handling.

The real value of this type of shovel lies in the control, which translates into fewer mistakes for beginners, but transforms into the possibility of incredibly precise shots for the more experienced.

In the hands of a technical player, a racket like this becomes deadly, so as to allow them to dominate the field unchallenged.


How it goes on the pitch

Now let's move on to the juicier part of this review, going to see how this Wilson Carbon Force Pro performs in action.

Let's start immediately by saying that we weren't disappointed one bit by the promises which a brand like this cannot fail to carry with it.

Shot management is truly formidable in every situation, so much so that it is possible to direct the ball with the desired power without problems.

It is really difficult, once you get the hang of it, to over-rev or miss the soft touch that you imagined in your mind.

In the long run a kind of symbiosis is formed between the player and the implement which is really hard to break, even in the longest and toughest matches.

The only flaws to report are occasional defects constructive reported by some users that are annoying but do not compromise the tool.

Of course, we would have expected greater attention to detail from Wilson, but the goodness of this racket is still unquestionable.

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Wilson - Carbon Force Pro,...
  • Carbon Force Pro, WRT968700 by Wilson.
  • Paddle racket, unisex.
  • Unique, black and green.

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The Wilson Carbon Force Pro is definitely a racket that we would like to recommend to any player and lover of padel, without exclusions.

Sure for a beginner the price might be a bit high, but it's completely justified by a tool that will be used for years to come.

I hope I've helped you choose your next shovel or, at least, cleared some doubts from your head.

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