In the padel position in the field it is an absolutely fundamental factor for winning, perhaps the most important of all.

Of course, the technique can allow you to give life to fantastic shots that will put the opponent in difficulty but, if you are always out of position, more points will be taken than those made.

Also, good positioning allows you to save physical energy, saving it for a future moment in the game.

If you want to know everything about the position to keep in the field in padel, then let's not delay and let's discover this technique.

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Padel Beat Position

padel service

Let's start by talking about the phase of joke, where there is very little to say for the beater (it must be beyond the line of the first rectangle) but you can spend a few more words for the other players on the pitch.

The partner of the one who beats, for example, he will have to stay in the middle of the field approximately, so you can go and attack a short kick after a good serve.

Keeping this point well obliges or in any case places the need for the opponent to respond high or diagonally, which is not always easy to do.

Those who respond to the joke, on the other hand, find themselves towards the back of the field, in the last rectangle before the back glass.

This is because the stop will certainly have to first touch that section adjacent to the net, and then head towards the side or back glass.

Where exactly it's not a universal answer, it all depends on the opponent's batting style, so adjust as needed.

Finally, the teammate who opposes the serve, will have to stay in the same position as the player's partner (more or less) to close the field and prevent the easy play.

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Position Padel Game


During the game, however, it is a whole other story, as it is more difficult to maintain a position with the dynamism of the match.

In general, however, there are still some rules or advice to follow to avoid getting fooled at every shot.

First of all, the two teammates must be in sync in their movements, playing with the same intent.

If you attack the net, you do it in two. If you need to defend a long ball or the opponent at the net, it is done in two (with very few exceptions).

Stay one at the bottom and one at net, both attacking the same ball, moving in an uncoordinated way, is the first cause of defeat.

According to, there are no absolute positions in padel, but you have to remember to keep roughly the center (horizontally) of your area.

Moving too far to the right or too far to the left, perhaps after responding to a blow forgetting to return in position, opens the field to the opponent.

When you are a beginner, the hardest thing is to catch the habit of hitting and returning in the right place for that situation, rather than stopping to watch the game.

Padel tactics

match padel

The tactics in padel is something that is decided between teammates but, in the end, everyone will have to do everything sooner or later.

What we can decide together is whether be very aggressive, thus going to the net as much as possible, rather than staying towards the bottom.

Let's be clear, in padel it is not even an option to go to the net (we are not in tennis), here it is practically mandatory at a high level.

However, if you are a beginner, perhaps with a tennis past, the temptation to plant your feet in the bottom rectangle there could be.

Whatever the tactic or position in field to assume, the important thing is to have a good chemistry with your padel partner.

If you are good at make lobs but your partner can't play net, so it's not a good strategy to use.

Another thing is the preference of forehand and backhand, where a strong right backhand player will have to take the left position of the field.

If one of the two is left-handed even better. The important thing is to speak clearly about preferences, strengths and weaknesses, trying to find the square.

Of course, once in the game the knots come to a head, but a lot of points may have already been given away.

How to put opponents in difficulty in the Padel?

padel field covers

There is clearly no absolute answer to this question, as each opponent is different with their own strengths and weaknesses.

In general though, play the ball in the corners or bounce it against the metal part of the net (after having touched the field), it does not please those who are against.

A very important shot that you need to know, however, is the lob, which allows you to slow down the game and defend against net attacks.

If you don't know how to do a lob done right, you will always be prey to your rival's aggressive play, so study it!

To know how to be successful in padel, you can read our guide on technique.


These are all the tips related to padel, the position on the pitch and the tactics that we can give to our readers.

This is not an always the same and individualistic game, but it changes and changes according to the opponents and your partner.

Studying these factors can lead you to success while always keeping a firm line is the first step to failure.