If you are looking for some discount padel shoes, then you will be happy to know that this world is full of excellent offers to be seized on the fly, just knowing how to find the right moment.

The various manufacturers usually give discounts of all kinds even a short time after the release of the products, it all depends on internal marketing policies.

Added to this are the various shops, which can decide to apply arbitrary discounts for the various models in order to make a few more sales.

In this article we're going to see some models on sale at the time of writing this text (of course they can change over time) and some ways to find special discounts.


Padel Shoes Discounted on Amazon


Let's start from Amazon, a place where it is easy to find some good products on sale thanks to the waves of discounts that this e-commerce usually does.

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Joma Series Set 

First price in the world of Joma sports shoes, which always presents colorful models that know how to catch the eye of the players.

These shoes are not exactly from padel, but they are created for running and are also perfect for playing fields, seeing is believing.

In fact, their grip is always of the highest level, so much so that you remain firmly anchored to the field even during impossible recoveries in extension.

Joma Series Set Men, Running Shoes...
  • Brand: Joma
  • Color: Royal-Black
  • Product manufactured with your needs in mind

Joma Serie Set Lady, Running Shoe...
  • Brand: Joma
  • Color: White-Green
  • Product manufactured with your needs in mind

If you are looking for the best Joma shoes, you can find them here.


Head - Revolt Evo Court

Head is a brand that needs no introduction, everyone knows how successful it has been for decades in racket sports.

These shoes are a little gem designed for tennis but, as it is easy to understand, they lend themselves without the slightest problem even for the high level padel.

Light, very comfortable and with a sober line that allows you to use them even for a few weekly outings without standing out like a beacon in the night.

Head Revolt Court Tennis Shoes,...
  • Designed for casual weekend gamers and beginners who…
  • Breathable mesh. Durable synthetic leather. Comfortable lining materials
  • EVA midsole for optimal cushioning

Head Revolt Court Women
  • Designed for weekend players and serious beginners, the men's shoe...
  • Breathable mesh. Durable synthetic leather. Comfortable lining materials
  • EVA midsole for optimal cushioning

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Adidas Gamecourt 

Shoes with a significant discount at the time of this writing, which are traditional tennis shoes, but also know how to be appreciated in padel.

This is a very flexible model, as it adapts to be used in daily life, but it is designed for sports also quite dynamic.

So, for this reason, the materials and resistance are top notch and they don't suffer from the heat if you use them during the summer months.

adidas Gamecourt 2 M, Men's...
  • Ideal tennis shoes for men's trainers
  • Adidas sports shoes
  • GameCourt 2M (GW2991)

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Where to find Padel Shoes on Sale

Now that we have seen some models on sale on Amazon, let's look for other sites that may offer discounted padel shoes from time to time.

Any shop on sale

cisalfa rackets

We know, it will certainly be trivial but it cannot be denied that the best deals are made right during the general summer and winter discounts.

Of course, you need to pay close attention to the classic practices of fraudulent sales, where the merchant raises the price first and then makes it appear at a discount.

We at Racchettiamo recommend mark prices at least one month in advance that the reductions arrive, to then see if the gain is real or just ostentatious.

If you are looking for the best padel Nike shoes, you can find them here.


On the manufacturer's sites

padel starvie racket

Going straight to the source sometimes pays off, so we recommend going to the various ones sites of Head, Babolat, Joma and who for itto search for the best deals.

Being the producers, they are the ones with the widest profit margins on products, so they can afford the biggest price cuts.

Then when the model in question is about to be replaced by a more recent one, then you can see even very important discounts, so it's better to stay on the piece.

If you are looking for the best shoes from padel Asics, you can find them here.


Used sites

Maybe it's not exactly the solution you were looking for, but we still want to offer it as it offers you the opportunity to save a lot.

Up sites like Subito.it, eBay, Vinted or many others, people have the ability to sell just about anything they want, even shoes from padel.

Here you can find models at very low prices which, very often, have never been used by those who bought them. Have you ever bought clothing that you ended up, for one reason or another, staying in the closet, right?

If you are looking for the best shoes from padel ever, you can find them here.



padel decathlon rackets

Finally, let's talk about one of the most famous sports wholesalers in the world and of which, in all probability, you have already heard of more than once.

Well Decathlon, thanks to its wholesale goods, is able to afford very low prices on the various models, inferior to the competition.

Admittedly, these aren't exactly discount padel shoes, but still it's worth taking a look at the models and see if anyone is within budget.

At this link instead, you will find the best padel rackets ever!


These are the best ways to find discounted padel shoes, so try them one by one and see where you can snag the best price.

We personally use Amazon a lot, as it delivers home in a very short time and has a wide selection across the various brands.

However, we know that if you have special needs, you may need to go elsewhere, so we've given you the tools to find the perfect discount.