The padel game it is a sport that is spreading at a sensational speed in Italy and in many other countries of the world, which can be seen from how many new padel fields are springing up.

If you haven't been living under a rock or in a cave in recent years, then you've probably heard of this sport and maybe even asked you to play.

Before jumping at random buying the equipment, however, it is good to stop for a moment to understand if this is actually a type of activity you like.

In this article we will try to provide you with all the basics and indications to understand if the padel is right for you.

What are the Differences between Tennis and Padel?

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padel is a racket sport that differs from tennis from many points of view, although it maintains some traits of this precursor.

Yes because, the padel as a sport, comes from a variation of tennis itself, called paddle, which then evolved into padel.

In short, as you can easily understand, there is not the same distance between tennis and padel as there is between tennis and canoeing, but that doesn't mean that they are identical.

Tennis is a game that requires a lot of running, with continuous movements on really large courts, especially if you play 1 v 1.

This thing does not happen in padel, since primarily the version of padel single is not recognized by federation, although it is practiced in some cases.

This means that you will have to find a partner to take the field against the opposing pair, but this would be a small difference.

If we continue to compare these sports, we will notice that there are many other differences, some of them very substantial.

One of them is that the field is smaller which, combined with the fact that it is played in 2, helps to reduce the physical effort required of the players.

Don't misunderstand, we are not saying that padel is not energy-intensive, only that it is much less expensive than tennis.

1 v 1 matches that last hours can exhaust even the most trained sportsman, so it could easily be said that tennis is not a sport for everyone.

The padel, being less demanding and combined with the fact that a good position can make up for a poor physical condition (at least in part), makes it much more open to all.

In short, these are already big points that you have to consider to understand whether or not you will like this sport, but that's not all.

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What is padel and How to Play?

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So far, let's explore a few more differences and try to understand why padel has had such a strong impact on the world.

There is no home run in this sport. Or rather, it exists but they are very rare circumstances, so it creates a much smoother game.

The sides of the field are delimited by a net or a crystal, which can be used to make us bounce over the little ball.

Thanks to these rules, even i more powerful shots may result in an easy response from the opponent, since it is more difficult for them to be "uncatchable".

A central smash could easily hit the glass and come limply back to the center, delivering an easy shot.

For this reason it is necessary to play with a certain head, going to bend the enemy's resistances using geometric patterns rather than sheer force.

Sure, there's room for that too in padel, but it's not the only way to success, which rewards every type of player.

Furthermore, as we have already said, even if your physical condition is not exactly that of an athlete, having learned the game of precision and positioning, you could still give anyone a hard time.

Here we run a little less, and that's why it's having so much success, because it presents less "sharp" barriers to entry.

Add to this that, unlike other racket sports, once you learn how to hit the ball we start having fun right away.

If you are a group of amateurs or people in their first experience, you will still be able to create a game with meaning.

A few good shots, even prolonged rallies (thanks to the barriers on the sides) and a slower pace allow everyone to fall in love with this sport right away.

This hardly happens in tennis, beach tennis, table tennis or whatever, because the rules require a good basic level to be able to play.

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We hope we have made you understand, at least in part, why padel is so popular as a game and why you should definitely give it a chance

We recommend it to everyone without any hesitation because we know that any player can find their habitat in this sport.

If you didn't succeed in the others or got bored quickly, then maybe it's time to give this one a shot!