Are you looking for golf courses padel Florence? Let's imagine that the fever for this sport has also arrived in Tuscany, infecting everyone.

Well yes because this sport is experiencing a truly incredible period of ascent, which seems to never stop.

Convinced that this is more than just a passing fad, we at Racchettiamo want to commit ourselves to giving maximum help to padelists.

This also means finding good padel courts to play on, so today we're going to discover what Florence has to offer.

Best Padel Courts Florence

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These are the best courses we were able to track down, but we will update the list in the future to keep it up to date.

Florence Padel Center

The first that we insert here is certainly also the largest and best known, namely the Florence Padel Center, which is located in the western area of the city in via Generale CA dalla Chiesa, 13.

Equipped with 8 fields (all external) that can be easily booked online via the site, as well as a certain care for the players' space.

We are talking about fairly new and well-maintained fields, with excellent teachers ready to help beginners take their first steps (or become champions) of this sport.

Definitely the best solution to play padel in town, so give it due consideration.


Olympus gym

There Olympus gym is located in the south/west area of the city, in via di Ripoli, 88, 50126 Florence FI, Italy.

It even has 11 courts, of which 7 are uncovered and 4 covered, effectively making it the largest padel center in the city.

To book a field you need to call the number 349 7423608, although we would like to see an online booking method.

In any case, even here the padelista will find everything you need to have fun.


Delta Arena

There Delta Arena it is a sports center that has, among other things, also padel pitches to welcome sportsmen.

Let's talk about two fields, one covered and one open, where to play at the price of 40 euros for 1h and 30 min, therefore average.

Here too there are instructors available, who have a price starting from 35 euros per hour.

Located in the northern area of the city, towards lawn, in via Vittorio Emanuele, 3, 50041 Calenzano FI, Italy.


Paddle Peretola

Paddle Peretola is another padel center in Florence located this time in the east area, in Via di Brozzi, 97/A, 50145 Firenze FI, Italy.

Unfortunately, as there is no website, we don't have much information about them, but you can refer to their Facebook page for questions.

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These are all the padel courses in Florence that we could find, but we will update the list in case of new arrivals.

We hope we have provided you with all the means to start or continue your padelistica experience in the best possible way.

Here on Racchettiamo you will always find your padel portal where you can find useful information and products with an optimal quality/price ratio.