Want to know if you can build a padel field on agricultural land? A more than legitimate question given that there are many agricultural lands and they are (relatively) cheap.

In this article we will answer a question that we often find ourselves listening to, namely whether or not this practice is legal.

If you have unused space, you might want to use it for padel since, in the current state of things, it really makes a lot.

If the intricate and fallacious Italian bureaucracy allows it, however, it's a whole other matter. Let's go see what the law says together.

Can I build on Farmland?

padel field on agricultural land

Well let's start immediately with a dry one yes, you can build a padel field even if the land is agricultural, but this does not mean that you can already call the construction team.

To obtain your field you must first go through a bureaucratic process, where you will have to ask for permits and obtain approval before you can proceed.

In this case, you have to do one request to the municipal technical office as the very first step, waiting for them to tell you it's okay.

Once approved, you will need to ask for a second permit, or SKI (certified report of start of activity) o PdC (building permit).

To get it you have to request it with all the details of the project drawn up in a workmanlike manner, which includes the design done by a surveyor in your field.

Now that you have all the permissions, before starting there is one last big question mark to solve, that is find out if the land is suitable.

If too soft or if beset by other problems, your course may soon become a great golf course with holes and hummocks rather than a standard padel course.

So ask whoever is in charge of verify that your land is valid for the purpose and, when you're done, you can start the work!

Now that we're at it, you just need to find someone to build your court, making it to perfection.

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